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SpamZilla is The Best Place for Buying Expired Domains

If you've ever purchased an expired domain, you know how complicated and tiring the process can be. So, we've created a revolutionary domain database that allows you to sort through millions of domains instantly to find ones that will optimize your search engine rankings and increase your web traffic.

Expired Domain Spam Detection

Spamzilla is powerful software for detecting many types of SEO spam automatically.

  • The best domains are selected for automated spam checking
  • Spamzilla analyzes historic data & backlink data
  • Review 12 tabs of data that Spamzilla analyzed
  • Discover only clean domains with Powerful backlinks!

One of the riskiest aspects of buying an expired domain is not knowing the types of spam associated with that domain name. SpamZilla takes the guesswork out of purchasing an expired domain name, allowing you to feel confident that your new web address is clean and spam-free.

Our proprietary algorithms have processed millions of expired domains & auction domains to help streamline your spam checking processes. This will save you a huge amount of time!

We created a domain cleanliness score we call the ‘SpamZilla Score’, this allows you to easily filter domains that won't help your SEO. Many data points are used, such as Domain Age, Active History (from, Redirect, Parked Pages, Anchor Text, Website History, Backlink History and more.

Backlinks Miner

The Backlinks Miner allows you to quickly analyze the top 100+ backlinks from each domain.

  • Anchor Language, DoFollow/NoFollow, DR/UR, Outbound Links, Anchor text
  • Select a backlink and quickly review its website
  • Click on the anchor text to find the links location
  • Quickly review the best links to each domain

You really want to buy an expired domain with great backlinks. The SpamZilla database includes backlinks data so you can easily find domains with powerful backlinks.

The Backlinks Miner tool allows you to easily review a domains best backlinks. You can create your own list of domains which have authority backlinks e.g. from You can create domain lists that have certain keywords in their backlinks.

Advanced Filters

With 70+ filters you can search the best SEO metrics from Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMRush and SpamZilla!

  • Select Auction, Expired or Expiring Domains
  • Save your favourite filters for easy use
  • Find domains with powerful, authority backlinks
  • Receive daily domain lists from your custom filters

SpamZilla makes it easy to narrow down the millions of expired domains for sale across the web to a clean, readable list of keyword-relevant authority domains.

Once you create your filtered domain list, you can easily view and compare information about each domain, including metrics, redirects, history, the date the domain entered the catalog, the price, and the expiration date.

Create your own expired domain lists using the 80+ filters to sort through millions of domains inside our database. Its super easy to find domains with the highest Trust Flow or Domain Authority.

You can save these filters and receive daily email updates when new domains are added. Also, if you prefer to play with spreadsheets, you can export up to 10,000 domains at a time.

Amazing SEO Tools

Our search engine optimization tools allow you to review an expired domain's power, authority, and metrics before you bid on or purchase it. These tools include:

  • Wayback Exporter - Easily download an entire site in HTML format.
  • Domain Availability Checker - Quickly check if domains are available.
    Input up to 30,000+ domains per job. 60+ TLD's are supported.
  • Private Domains - Spam Check your own domain list.
  • Registrar Comparison - Find the lowest domain price.

SpamZilla also has a suite of expired domain tools, so if you have your own domain lists you can process them as well. Learn how to find out when the domain expires or check the availability of a large list of domains.

Or maybe you need to download and restore the old website from the WayBack Machine. We’ve got you covered!

Domains Supported

350,000+ Expired, Auction, Pending Delete & Closeouts Domains Processed Every Day!

  • GoDaddy, SnapNames, NameJet - Auctions, Closeouts, PreRelease,
    Sedo, DropCatch, Dynadot, Namesilo.
  • 200,000+ Pending Delete & Expired Domains Processed Daily!
  • 60+ Country Code TLD's Supported.
  • Supported TLD's: .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, .at, .be, .ca, .cc, .cl, .co,,,,,,,,,, .cz, .de, .dk, .ee, .eu, .fi, .fr, .ga, .hk, .hr, .hu, .ie, .in, .io, .ir, .is, .it, .kr, .kz, .lv, .ma, .me, .mx,, .nl, .no, .nu, .pl, .ro, .ru, .se, .sg, .sk, .su, .tk, .tv, .tw.

Because we update our domain lists daily, you can view the most up-to-date domains available for sale or auction, giving you the best chance of purchasing your desired domain before someone else.

Our large number of expired domains, country-specific domains, and auction domains allows you to pinpoint the perfect domain name at the ideal price point for your needs.

What makes SpamZilla the best expired domain finder is the amount of Top Level Domains (TLD's) or domain extensions that are supported. There are 16 different domain sources inside SpamZilla.

We have all the expiring domains, auction domains and country specific domains to power up any SEO campaign.

How Do I Find Powerful Domains?

Finding domains with backlinks from authority sites is very simple. Using the 80+ filters, you can select your preferred SEO metrics to instantly sort through millions of domains. SpamZilla has a super user friendly interface allowing you to quickly review a lot of data quickly.

Backlink Filters

Spamzilla is the only expiring domain database with backlink data.

Authority Links

Search for domains with links from wikipedia, BBS, Huffington Post...

Authority Filters

Find domains with a minimum amount of authority links, e.g. 10x DR80+

Best SEO Metrics

Use filters to search for TF/CF (Majestic), DR/UR (Ahrefs), DA/PA (Moz)

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Full Access Millions of Expired Domains
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1850 Credits For Custom Domain Lists
70+ Database Filters
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Why Should You Buy An Expired Domain?

Domains play a significant role in a website's traffic and popularity.

Our users buy expired domains through SpamZilla for a few primary reasons:

Powerful domain

Build a new website with a powerful domain


Create backlinks to their current site


Redirect to a specific page

Sell Domain

Sell the domain for profit

Spamzilla takes the hard work (and risk) out of buying expired domains. I bought an expired domain and set the site up on July 2nd, it won it's first featured snippet in 46 days on August 17th and continues to grow.
Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

This is a useful tool for anyone working with PBN stuff and whatnot since domain stuff is about half of it - and it's generally a huge hassle to go through the processes of checking - so this is a nice tool to turn 5-6 steps into 1.
Vadim Zed
Tried out the beta and I have to say it's a really useful tool. Huge timesaver and also works as a nice finishing touch before hitting the auctions, to make sure you haven't missed anything.
Daniel Nikolovski
Doug was kind enough to let me test this bad boy. The amount of work which has went into this tool is insane. Definitely a huge timesaver and is also pretty accurate.
Sathish S
I got to beta test this tool, and have to say it is EXTREMELY useful. I definitely already asked Doug at one point if he could not sell it public. It just about 10x speeds up processing domains as you get all your key info in one dashboard.
Jedediah Hunt
Fantastic tool that we'll definitely utilize as part of our domain processing. We parse through xx,xxx domains a day and this will definitely assist our spam team in their processes. Love the features and the scoring system is a great new feature!
Joash Boyton
I tested the beta version and it worked great with expired domains, very quick and easy to use. Highly recommend
Dan Parker
Matthew Woodward
Vadim Zed
Daniel Nikolovski
Sathish S
Jedediah Hunt
Joash Boyton
Dan Parker

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