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Doug is the founder of Maximus Media Pty Ltd. which created Passionate about productising ideas to deliver a positive customer experience.

Everything You Need to Know About PBN Services

If you've operated a blog for long enough, you've likely seen the term "private blog networks" floating around one of the internet's many SEO rabbit holes. You may have heard that these networks offer incredible boosts to your site's SEO – but that Google actively seeks out and penalizes private blog

The Best (and Safest) PBN Management Software

Site management is tricky under the best conditions. You have to handle page links, posting status, web security, server backups, and other hassles yourself, or pay a service to do it all for you. If you're looking to manage private blog networks, though, the challenge dials up significantly. PBNs come

The Ultimate Guide to PBN Hosting Services

Love them or hate them, private blog networks, or PBNs, are here to stay. Whether you're brand new to the world of PBNs or have several networks you're looking to host, this guide will help you find what you need to know. To set the stage for the PBN newbies

Your Guide To Understanding PBN Links

Do you want tremendous business growth, and are you willing to employ any  SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to get it? Black hat and white hat SEO content-marketing experts frequently argue over the pros, cons, and ethics of using private blog network (PBN) links to increase brand relevance. PBN links

How the Right PBN Domains Can Save You From Disaster

Even if you invest significant time, money, and labor into creating a quality PBN, it could all amount to nothing if you choose the wrong domains. The little details in your domain name can mean the difference between getting rankings and losing all your associated websites. Creating a PBN—a

Do You Need a Domain Age-Checker Tool?

Of all the SEO tools out there, domain-name age-checkers are among the easiest to use and most misunderstood. Some SEO professionals say it's unnecessary to check the age of a website before making a purchase, but its good to know how the age of a domain affects Google rankings and

Is Domain Age Just a Number?

You'll find quite a bit of disagreement on the topic of domain age and its significance to expired-domain buyers. Some analysts claim that it means absolutely nothing, while others insist that focusing on domain age is an essential part of building your online brand. As Google continues to update its

How Aged Domains Can Improve SEO

No one is sure what to make of aged domains right now. Common sense in the SEO world tells us that the older a domain is, the better its chances of increasing your online traffic. This was certainly true in the past, but some argue that domain age [https://www.

A Complete Guide to the Sedo Domain Auction Process

Whether you want to get a better domain name for your company or sell one you already own for a profit, you can conduct all domain-related business on Sedo. In this post, we'll share everything worth knowing about Sedo auctions. Is Legit? Based on 551 reviews, Sedo has

Best GoDaddy Domain Auction Tips

Long ago, high-quality domain names abounded, but today, users face fierce competition when trying to snag an ideal domain name for their website. Fortunately, GoDaddy's services and tools can help you secure auction domains [] and possibly sell them for a profit. Officially GoDaddy Operating Company

How an eBay Domain Auction Works

When starting your business, you might have bought up as many domain names as you could manage without giving them much thought, hoping you'd hit on a winner. Even if you now have several successful websites, you also might have a virtual stack of domain names that feel like baggage

An All-in-One Guide to Domain Auction Sites

Finding the right domain for your website has never been easier. Domain auctions provide a marketplace where you can buy and sell domains around the clock. Here's how and where you can score premium domains for your website. How Does a Domain Name Auction Work? Most domain auctions involve companies

Earn Money in a Free Domain Auction

If you're satisfied with the domain name you've registered for your blog or business, consider yourself lucky. Sometimes it's not easy to find a domain name that represents your website and brand accurately. Other times, another site seems to have the same idea for a domain name that you do

How to Find the Best Domain Auction Script

If you want to create your own website where users can buy and sell domains, it's actually not as daunting as it might sound. You can easily start your own domain business with a domain name auction script website. In this post, we'll tell you everything you need to know

Premium Domain Auction Tips

If you want to secure prime online real estate for your personal or business website, finding and purchasing a premium domain name for sale is your best-case scenario. On the other side, selling high-quality domain names can earn you a pretty penny. Either way, the prospect of working with premium

What You Need to Know About the GoDaddy Domain Auction

A domain name isn't just a web address. It serves as an extension of your brand and provides instant recognition. The best domain names deliver more value than their initial registration cost. In fact, a domain name can be worth tens of thousands of dollars if you find the right

What Is a Domain Auction and How Do They Work?

You can purchase almost anything at auctions. That includes priceless art, fine wine, vintage cars, and even exotic animals. You're likely familiar with eBay, the most famous auction site on the web. But you may not know that some websites offer something different entirely at auction: website domain names. Some

How to Delete Domains from HostGator

If you have a domain with HostGator that you no longer need, you can let it expire or delete it. Deletion ensures that the policy doesn't automatically renew, leading to an unwanted charge on your following billing statement. Here's what you need to know to delete a domain name on

WebLogic Delete Domain Process

WebLogic Server (WLS) is an application server that allows a user to develop and deploy applications. Though WLS utilizes a Configuration Wizard to help users perform basic actions and commands, there is currently no related feature to delete a domain from the server. We've created this guide to help you

Bluehost Delete Domain Process

Bluehost is a web hosting company that allows users to purchase, host, and manage domains. If you have a Bluehost account, you may be wondering about the process to unassign domain names from your account when you no longer want to utilize these domains. This guide will cover how to

Namecheap Delete Domain Process

If you have a domain name registered through the registrar Namecheap, you may have trouble deleting your domain before its expiration date. This company follows a different deletion process than deleting your GoDaddy domain [], so you should become familiar with its specific policies before attempting

The GoDaddy Delete Domain Process: Help Delete My Domain!

Are you looking to unregister a GoDaddy domain? Maybe you didn't realize that a domain you purchased was trademarked, or perhaps you're just trying to clean up your GoDaddy portfolio. Whatever the case, unregistering a GoDaddy domain is a quick and easy process and is much the same method to

What Does Domain Pending Delete Mean?

Has your domain entered a "pending delete" status? If you have not renewed your URL name, your domain will go through several stages before it re-enters the registry, and you may have trouble determining what a particular stage means for your domain ownership. Although you can't really learn how to

How to Find the Best Deleted Domains

What if you could buy a highly sought-after domain name with thousands of backlinks and SEO data for the standard registration fee with your current domain registrar? What if you had access to a list of domains at your fingertips that had information about their status, backlinks, history, and more?

How to Backorder and Host a Domain with NameCheap

Few things are as frustrating as seeing a perfect domain name go to waste. If a registered name you want for your business isn't available, all you can do is wait and try to buy it before someone else does. Right? In fact, there's another way to get in on

How to Place a Domain Backorder Free of Charge

The best domain names are never available, and picking another name from a list of hundreds is as time-consuming as it is disappointing. When you find the perfect domain for your business, only to find it gathering dust in an obscure corner of the Internet, what can you do about

Who Has the Cheapest Domain Backorder Service?

Want to backorder a domain without paying an arm and a leg? The price of backordering domains varies widely. Often the cost depends on the availability of auxiliary services, which you may or may not need. If you’ve been looking for domain backorder services that get the job done,

Dropcatching: Placing a GoDaddy Domain Backorder

When someone else holds your dream domain name, the chance of getting it for yourself seems slim to none. Monitoring a site's status and waiting around for auction is simply too much for a busy company. Your odds are probably better if you find another domain—or so you think.

What Is a Domain Drop-Date Calculator?

If you could see what happens on future dates and manipulate situations to achieve a favorable outcome, would you? While we don't have the right to rewrite fate just yet, we have a tool to predict results, called mathematics. Math gives us the ability to calculate the drop date of

What Is Domain Drop Catching Software?

Every day, domain registrars are dropping domains like they are hot, while drop catchers eagerly gobble them up. Incorporating valuable expired domain names into your website can yield excellent business results due to their backlinks history, anchor text, and domain authority. To compete with the thousands of users trying to

Use the Domain Drop List To Your Advantage

Do you think that expired domains are defective, without value, and purposefully left by the wayside to die an unsung death? Think again! You can exhume thousands of excellent expired domain names by utilizing domain drop lists. SpamZilla has the tools you need to sort through domain drop lists and

When Do Domains Drop? How and When to Find Your Ideal Expired Domain Name

It's a Tuesday afternoon, and you're casually browsing the internet when suddenly you spot the perfect expired domain for your business' services. The domain name has catchy and trendy keywords, a built-in community of consumers you could appeal to, and the name corresponds with what you are selling. It even

Ultimate Guide to Drop-Catching Domains

So you've explored your sources and found the perfect SEO-rich dropped domains [] for your new sites — congratulations! Now, you need to secure the domain name and make it your own. You could try simple hand registration, but with more and more people building websites these

Ultimate Guide to Dropped Domains

During the World Wide Web's infancy, nearly all domain names remained up for grabs, but as more and more people have built websites over the last few decades, prime online real estate has become far scarcer. Many of the remaining domain names are too long or contain hyphens that could

A 101 Guide to Expired Domain Investing

One man's trash is another man's treasure. In the case of expired domain names, other registrants losing their domain names can be a major win for you. Whether you're a business owner or just someone looking to expand their portfolio and collect more domain names, your options are almost endless

Find Perfect Expired Domains with Dynadot

What's the best way for someone to purchase an expired domain? And is expired domain investing [] event worth it ? If you have the money and know the exact name you want, bidding at a virtual auction is the most common method. Many registrars allow you

Domain Expiration Monitoring Services

Domain expiration's are a nightmare for investors to keep track of. When a domain name passes its expiry date, the original owner almost always ends up spending additional money to keep their website online if they have the opportunity. Although your domain registrar may be lenient, some prefer to resell

How to Renew an Expired Domain Name

If your domain name has expired, you're probably wondering, "How long do I have to renew expired domain names?" Well, the good news is that you usually have a month or two after the expiration date, during which you can still renew your account. The amount of time you have

The Ultimate Guide to GoDaddy Expired Domain Recovery

Did your domain name expire? Are you wondering whether GoDaddy will let you reclaim your expired domain, and if so, how long you have? This is very important as there are many SEO's using tools like the Scrapebox expired domain finder [] to snap up expired

How to Find Expired Domains With ScrapeBox

Whether you're brand new to things like domains, websites, and the SEO business, or you're an experienced domain investor, ScrapeBox might be just the tool you need to find expired domains that can start making you money through your website. Fortunately, this robust SEO tool is deceptively easy to use,

The Pros and Cons of Buying Expired Domains with PageRank

Marketers, bloggers, and side-hustlers alike know the importance of SEO for search engine ranking and organic traffic. Every domain owner wants some hack to fast-track their blog to a spot on Google's first page. Few website owners know the one SEO technique that could launch their site to the coveted

What to Do If Your Google Domain Expired

So you let your Google domain expire, and now you're searching the internet for "How to Renew Expired Google Domain Name"? No judgment here—it happens to the best of us. Fortunately, the Google domains registrars tend to be incredibly generous when it comes to letting people renew after domain

What 'Domain Expired But Not Available' Means

Anyone who's been waiting for the perfect domain name to become available knows how exciting it is when WHOIS information updates indicate that its registration is about to expire. Occasionally, though, you might see a domain name that isn't available even though it has an expired status. This can be

How to Transfer an Expired Domain from GoDaddy

Just because you registered a domain name with one registrar doesn’t mean you’re locked in for life. You have every right to transfer your domain name to another registrar or hosting provider, but there’s a catch. You might be thinking my domain name expired: how to get

My Domain Name Expired. How to Get It Back?

You've worked hard on your website, designing every aspect and filling it with useful content. Unfortunately, something as simple as letting the domain name expire can put an end to everything, rendering your site useless. Fortunately, ICANN regulations require registrars to provide plenty of warning to registrants before selling or

Everything You Need to Know About the Domain Expiration Grace Period

If you forgot to renew your domain name registration, don't worry. Most domain registrars offer grace periods that give you a chance to complete the renewal process before the domain name gets auctioned off or deleted. Domain registration redemption procedures vary slightly depending on the registrar and registry. For example,
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