At SpamZilla, our tools can help you find expired domains for sale with high traffic coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines.

Even after being left out to dry, expired domain names continue to generate search results and can add substantial value to your website or blog if you obtain those URLs and then redirect to your own site.

For example, you could use several second-hand expired domains with traffic as a place to create your private blog network that links to your primary website.

If these domain URLs have accumulated many backlinks over the years, they could drive valuable traffic to your home page through a redirect.

If you're looking to buy expired domains with traffic, you need SpamZilla. We have a list of expired domains waiting to generate search traffic and raise your metrics to new heights.

Whether you're running a blog network or making content on an authority site, an expired domain can open the door to some truly game-changing options.

  • Discover the best expired domains for your website and boost search volume for your site content
  • Track links from other websites to determine the strength of your search-to-click ratio
  • Strengthen your presence on Google and increase website traffic
  • Generate new revenue by becoming an expired domain traffic reseller

What Is a Expired Domain Name?

An expired domain is any web domain or web address that an individual, business, or organization previously leased.

What Is a Expired Domain Name?

While people refer to domains being "owned" by those who use them, a domain name registrar is responsible for renting them.

The domain registrar reclaims many abandoned domains each day and week of each year and its super easy to register expired domains.

Domains might have become abandoned for any number of reasons, though in most cases, the previous owner has completely lost interest in the domain.

As a result, the majority of expired domains are unclaimed and entirely up for grabs.

You can typically find three reasons to purchase an expired domain, as follows.

Buying expired domains with a high page authority (PA) or domain authority (DA) means acquiring websites that can backlink to your primary business site or blog.

Links are a central component of search engine optimization (SEO), as they help thousands of visitors find their way to your site on Google, Bing, and other search engines across the web.

Establish an authority site

You may find that traffic flows more easily through an expired domain than a brand new one.

Established sites often sit at the center of a blog network, allowing you to gain authority links instantly. This method is very helpful for building a website that puts out trusted, authoritative content.

Resell or wait for a future opportunity

Once a domain is yours, you can resell it to someone with the same idea and profit from the difference.

Alternatively, you can engage in "domain parking" and continue to renew the domain for a future project.

An expired domain's shelf life is almost indefinite, meaning that you can always wait until the time is right to use it.

How to Find Expired Domains with Traffic

How to Find Expired Domains with Traffic
  1. When starting out, your business can always search for a URL similar to one you already use.
    You can also plug in relevant keywords and see if any soon-to-be-expired domains come up.
  2. There are some free-to-use databases available with partial lists of domains that are expired or expiring.
    The big domain name registrars also have lists of sites they plan to put up for auction soon.
  3. SpamZilla allows you to search and review up to 25 domains free of charge, utilizing our extensive database.

Trying to buy expired domains with traffic can be a significant headache. Dozens of sites like collect domain names and other info, but they don't track how many visitors arrive at that domain in a month or the number of external links.

Another common strategy for finding domains with traffic is GoDaddy expired domain auctions, which sell recently expired domains off to the highest bidder.

But while this process is relatively quick, it can also turn into a series of wasted expenses without more information about the URL you're purchasing.

Like GoDaddy or SnapNames, many online auction houses make buying expired domains easier by providing lists of domains about to go up for renewal.

While this doesn't guarantee that the URL will be yours, it does give you an excellent place to start your search.

Numerous tools are also available to help speed the process along. Free software like MOZ and Majestic, as well as paid ones like Ahrefs, track backlinks and provide other SEO reports on a domain.

All three of these SEO checkers are compatible with SpamZilla.

Filtering Out Spam

Not every domain that appears to meet SEO standards at first glance is actually worth buying.

Filtering Out Spam

A high volume of expired domains belongs to companies that have either moved on or dissolved and no longer maintain their websites.

Because of this, many once-popular domains could still be reading traffic that no longer exists.

SpamZilla processes millions of domain names in order to save you from wasting time, effort, and money on domains with sub-optimal traffic.

With our SpamZilla Score, which we developed specifically for this purpose, you can quickly check a domain's "cleanliness" and verify whether its traffic comes from active, live users.

We can tell you the bounce rate, the backlinks, and the analytics regarding traffic patterns of certain expired domains with traffic.

If the web content has been removed from the URL and you want to find out what it contained, you can search the Wayback Machine to find historic pages captured on certain dates.

The SpamZilla Score uses archive data to tell you whether a site's SEO score is spam or legitimate. We analyze instantly:

  • Domain Age
  • Redirects
  • Parked Pages
  • Anchor Text
  • Website History
  • Backlink History
  • And more

It's like a fact-checker for your other SEO tools, letting you know once and for all that this is the domain for you.

Why Use SpamZilla to Find Expired Domain Names?

SpamZilla is a domain list program that we've designed to assist anyone who is regularly searching for expired domains.

Why Use SpamZilla to Find Expired Domain Names?

We enable your business to compare millions of defunct, expiring, or auction domains with lists that we update every day and tailor to your favorite filter options.

Whether you're seeking a one-time purchase or looking to buy as many domains as possible, SpamZilla has tons of useful features to make the process as quick and simple as possible.

  1. With ordinary domain searches, using tools such as a WHOIS database, you only find out whether a domain is available for purchase or not.

    SpamZilla reports on a website's organic search volume, its listing on various search engines, the number of authority backlinks attached to it, and much more.
  2. SpamZilla also allows you to catalog and save your favorite filters and keywords.

    Our extensive collection of expired domain names makes daily searches essential when looking for the right URL for your company. We make that process as quick as possible.
  3. From SpamZilla, you can immediately compare tens of thousands of supported domain zones, including GoDaddy, SnapNames, and NameJet.

    We support more than 60 country code TLDs in any domain zone globally, from the U.S. and U.K. to Australia and New Zealand.
  4. Check for SEO power with our Backlinks Miner tool, which reviews the top 100 backlinks associated with each domain you search.

    Each domain list will come with an attached report containing anchor language, anchor text, and outbound links. You'll also be able to visit the website each link is attached to and review it.
  5. SpamZilla provides data on previous language versions of the website found on each domain, a site's ranking on Google and other search engines, Google Index, a list of available redirects, WHOIS History, and topical information.
  6. For less than $40 a month, you receive unrestricted access to all of these features across our millions of available domains, including 1850 credits to use on your custom list of domains.

From connecting you with domain auctions on GoDaddy and other registrar platforms to providing full metrics on any blog, site, or standalone web page available for purchase, SpamZilla is an invaluable tool for people tired of hunting through domain lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for specific expired domains?

If you're searching for a specific domain or a particular type of domain, you will want to make use of Spamzilla's 70+ filter tools.

With Spamzilla, you can set any number of search conditions to guarantee you find domains relevant to you and your business.

Among other options, Spamzilla allows you to search domains based on:

  • language
  • country or region
  • the number of hyperlinks to that domain
  • the keywords within those hyperlinks

If you already have a particular domain in mind, you can search by URL to verify whether or not that domain is available for purchase.

How do I keep my new domain from expiring?

Once you've purchased a domain, you naturally will want to prevent it from being bought out from under you.

Owners lease most domains for a period of one year or for a maximum of ten years. Renewing a domain is simply a matter of paying before that period ends.

Often, domains expire because the owner no longer has access to the email they used to register it under their name. In other cases, expirations happen because the owner did not notice or heed their renewal reminders.

As long as you keep your business organized and track when your renewal period closes, you shouldn't have to worry about losing your domain unexpectedly.

Is there a grace period for renewing a domain?

Yes. While most domains expire after one year, there is a lingering process during which the domain owner may still renew or re-purchase the domain at a higher price.

This fact means that you will need to wait a bit longer than one year before a domain enters general registration.

The grace period for renewals mainly impacts those participating in a registrar auction. It is important to remember that purchasing a domain at auction is not a guarantee of ownership.

Instead, if the original owner repays the domain registrar during this 30-day period, the registrar will refund your bid, and the domain will revert to the old owner's control.

How does SEO affect expired domains?

What makes or breaks an expired domain is how much search volume its content generates. A domain that isn't getting traffic isn't worth the investment.

That's why SpamZilla makes it easy to compare between auctioned, expired, or expiring domains and verify that each is receiving the traffic you need.

When searching for domains with traffic, it's important to remember that content isn't the only factor. In many ways, search engine optimization depends more on the network these sites are part of.

Some sites generate more "link juice," or impressions from visitors, than others.

Some websites rank higher on Google for organic reasons, and some are simply popular thanks to a dedicated ad campaign.

You should consider all of these qualities when the time comes to support your website with a new domain.

How does SpamZilla's Credits System work?

SpamZilla uses a "pay-as-you-go" system for its subscription package. Each month, we provide a number of credits to your account, which you can use to process a domain.

These monthly credits do not roll over into the next month, so they disappear if you don't use them.

In addition to credits from the monthly subscription, an account owner can purchase a Credits Pack. These credits never expire or disappear unless you use them to process a domain.

Credit packs are not essential but can help companies intending to perform mass searches of expired domains.

Domains and credits exist at a 1:1 ratio, which means that processing one domain requires one credit.

An "error" result during your processing request will not charge a credit, nor will it cost you anything to process the same domain multiple times.

At SpamZilla, we give you all the tools you'll need to find the exact domains with traffic that you want at the best possible value.

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