Find the Best Deleted Domains

What if you could buy a highly sought-after domain name with thousands of backlinks and SEO data for the standard registration fee with your current domain registrar?

What if you had access to a list of domains at your fingertips that had information about their status, backlinks, history, and more?

There’s a hidden opportunity with deleted domains that allows you to do exactly that.

In this article, we’ll explain what deleted domains are and show you how to go about acquiring these names.

What Are Deleted Domains?

A deleted domain is a domain name that has expired without the owner renewing it or someone acquiring it through a backorder.

So, what does that mean?

Let’s break the words down in plain terms…

As you know, when you buy a domain name from a registrar, you don’t own it forever.

You can specify how many years you’d like to hold onto the name, and you can even set up your account to auto-renew the domain.

If you forget to renew your domain name or your payment account doesn’t get processed, you end up with an expired domain.

Your registrar will grant you a grace period before they sell your asset to someone else.

If you don’t renew the domain name by the end of this period, the following can happen:

-      Someone who has placed a backorder on your domain name can acquire it outright or by bidding in an auction.

-      Or, the domain name enters the deleting phase, which is also referred to as a “domains pending delete” stage.

During the 5-day pending delete phase, domains are on hold, and nothing can happen.

However, once this period ends, the registrar deletes the domain name, and anyone and everyone can buy it.

If you’re on the losing side of this arrangement, it can be frustrating (and an expensive lesson to learn).

But, if you’re on the other side of the fence, and you have the chance to buy valuable domains for a very low cost, this is a golden opportunity.

How to Buy Deleted Domains

How to Buy Deleted Domains

The moment that domain names get deleted is referred to as “The Drop,” and if these domains have value, there are going to be countless people trying to get ahold of these domains.

Imagine a highly coveted domain name like getting deleted.

This example can happen because the domain owner forgot to renew the name, didn’t receive emails from the registrar, or perhaps the employee who managed the domain left the company.

No matter the circumstances, the results are the same. That name is now up for grabs!

There are lists you can view that tell you when a domain is about to be deleted.

Armed with these resources, you can do a deleted domain search to find deleted domain names to buy through companies like SnapNames, GoDaddy, DomCop, DynaDot, and several others.

Once a domain name has been scheduled to be deleted, when the time comes, the deletion process takes a fraction of a second.

This level of speed means that you’re unlikely to be able to acquire a deleted domain on your own.

You’ll need the help of a site like SnapNames or the other ones mentioned above to act on your behalf to get results.

Finding Expired Domain Name Gems

Finding Expired Domain Name Gems

The list of expired domains can be overwhelming, and if you’re scrolling through looking for inspiration, it’ll be tough going.

Fortunately, companies like and provide lists of expiring domains that can be searched, filtered, and analyzed to aid you in finding the perfect match.

You can start by looking at just deleted domains to find recently deleted domain names, or you can focus on domains that are on the verge of expiring. And that’s just the beginning.

For example, you could look exclusively for expired domains that have specific words in them, like pens or makeup.

You can set up filters to specify if you want the domain names to include numbers, specific letters, or hyphens.

You can even limit the length of the domain name based on characters or TLDs (top-level domains) like .COM or .ORG.

By using filters, you can narrow down your search to only include a list of suitable domain names for your needs.

In most cases, you’ll have to go through the process of creating an account to get a list of results.

Once this is done, you’ll have full access and can begin viewing all of the expiring domains and their corresponding info.

Do You Have to Backorder a Deleted Domain?

Do You Have to Backorder a Deleted Domain?

Once you find the perfect domain from a deleted domains list, the best thing you can do is place a backorder.

Most companies in this space let you backorder deleted domains at no charge.

You only pay if the domain name gets deleted and your backorder reservation is successful.

If multiple people backorder the domain from the same dropcatching company (that’s what the companies are called that “catch” expired or dropped domains), then the next step is for an auction.

In an auction, you’ll bid on the expired domain, and the highest bidder becomes the new owner.

If a domain name is deleted and no one picks it up, then you’re free to stumble upon it and buy it.

Given that hundreds of thousands of domains get deleted daily, there are bound to be a fair number of domains that don’t get scooped up right away.

Companies like SnapNames and Godaddy have advanced technology that monitors the status of domains 24/7 and can alert you if a domain name you’ve had on your list is on the verge of being deleted.

Use SpamZilla to Get Your Deleted Domains

Use SpamZilla to Get Your Deleted Domains

Picking up expired domains is one of the best ways to acquire a domain that already has a presence, including backlinks and domain name authority.

The risk in buying used domains is that you don’t have much, if any, context about the history of the domain, including its status.

For example, is it indexed by Google, does it have a reputation for being spammy, or is there other relevant domain information you should be aware of?

Using a tool like Spamzilla can give you advanced insights into the history and value of domains.

Equipped with Spamzilla’s valuable domain information, you’ll know if the domains at the top of your list are worth trying to acquire.