If you could see what happens on future dates and manipulate situations to achieve a favorable outcome, would you?

What Is a Domain Drop-Date Calculator?

While we don't have the right to rewrite fate just yet, we have a tool to predict results, called mathematics.

Math gives us the ability to calculate the drop date of valuable dropped domains  and snag them from the auctions before anyone else gets them.

At SpamZilla, we provide an expiry date checker along with a host of tools to help you get your dream website up and running.

Web admins, grab your crystal ball and a scientific calculator as you get busy foretelling the expiry date of a highly coveted domain name!

Drop-Date Calculator and Domain Names

The registries quickly sell out of the kind of domains you want, which is why you need a tool that will give you accurate drop date information on those domains you covet.

Drop-Date Calculator and Domain Names

SpamZilla will check the expiration status of domain names and update you via daily emails with a list of contenders.

We categorize and list our domains, using various SEO metrics, and then filter them into different categories, such as:

  • Expired domains
  • Expiring domains
  • Domain at auction
  • Pending deletion domain
  • Domain closeout

How To Calculate a Domain Name Drop Date

Calculating the domain name drop date is simple once you've obtained the expiry date with a SpamZilla account.

How To Calculate a Domain Name Drop Date

The drop date equation goes:

  • The expiry date of the domain name
  • The redemption period start date for the domain name - 30 days after the site expiration
  • The pending delete start date for the domain name - around five days after the redemption period
  • The domain name drop date - all together, around 80 days after the domain registration expires

Typically, you will find two predicted domain name drop dates, but the registry always has the right to alter the dates, making drop date predictions more like educated guesses.

Expiry date of the domain name


You don't need a fancy domain drop catching script when working with SpamZilla.

In the case of our clients looking to use a .uk extension, we adhere to the rules set by the Nominet (the United Kingdom registry) and do not maintain a database of drop dates.

Instead, we send you customizable lists of daily domain drop dates, ensuring that you do not miss out on any opportunities.

Do you want your work to flourish but need a drop date tool to get you there?

SpamZilla has advanced tools such as the expiration date checker, automated spam detection, the Backlink Miner, and more!

Contact spamzilla.io for the tools you need to succeed.