Perpetually using the same website domain name is not as easy as the "name it and claim it" philosophy. In fact, domains never genuinely belong to people.

Domain names are on rental for a length of time, and once the rights expire, other domain buyers may enter into an auction to purchase the expired domains.

Are you wondering if you should search auctions to buy expiring domains or if you should buckle down and create a site from scratch?

When you are starting from square one with your domains, building up page authority takes time.

Expired Domain List

Launching domains also takes hard work since you will have to curate content, enhance your information with SEO (search engine optimization), and build backlinks to increase your citation flow.

Why not purchase expired domain names that come complete with connecting backlinks and have years of domain authority already included?

Are you ready to look for a tool to streamline the process of visiting auctions and buying expired domains?

SpamZilla's extensive list of expired domains includes spam analysis, good quality backlinks, and in-depth SEO metrics to improve your websites and grow your business.

Please browse our list of recently expired domain names with our registrar comparison tools to find the lowest domain price today!

Buy Expired Domains

If a domain expires, does that mean it is a risky purchase?

In the eyes of an SEO, domain name expiration is not a risky investment.

Buy Expired Domains

There are several reasons why someone might allow their domain to expire, including:

  • Project failure or redirection
  • Trademark infringement (Note: Avoid domains that entangle with trademark infringement since this could negatively affect your business)
  • The previous holder forgot to pay the renewal fees on their domain registration

Everyone should thoroughly search for info about their domains before purchasing one at auction.

How do I gain access to an expired domain?

If you are an SEO you probably already have your own method of how to get an expired domain.

How do I gain access to an expired domain

Thousands of people within your country and worldwide are using Google search right now to find auctions and snatch up domains.

These domains may be expiring, already expired, or included in name drop lists and back-ordered in case they might one day expire.

Even domains that still fall under the redemption period may be available at an auction, per the registry's discretion.

During the redemption period, some domain flippers or domain parkers may put offers down for the domain. However, there is also a possibility that the original holder may repurchase the domain after paying a penalty fee.

Domains sell on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is crucial to stay on the marketplace's pulse point and receive daily updates.

Can I search for domain data by myself?

You can definitely solo search through the thousands of pages of domains on numerous registrar sites. But is wading through endless selections of domains the best use of your time and resources?

Can I search for domain data by myself?

Picture this: You are starting an online business selling donuts and want to piggyback off a pre-made expired domain that is already an ad-supported online page and in the same business niche as your industry.

You can try to Google-search auctions by yourself and trudge through the millions of expired domains pending deletion and closeout while simultaneously wasting your time and talents.

Do not forget about the ever-present possibility of the owner swooping in at the last minute to bid on their domain and negating your hard work.  

Not to mention that you are also competing against professional domain traders who look to buy expired domains and sell them at a hiked price.

Does this problem feel like it may be too much for you to handle alone?

Wouldn't it help if you had a database with some personalized tools, metrics, and filters to help you sort through the ever-growing and ever changing list of domain names about to expire?

At SpamZilla, our services include software that interprets domain data and metrics while sorting the information for you, leaving you more time to focus on running your business.

Search Domain Lists

SpamZilla has the detailed domain lists you need to get the donuts out of the fryer and into your customers' bellies. We support domains such as:

  • GoDaddy - This webpage functions as a marketplace for affordable domains.
  • Sedo - This webpage is a parking provider for domains. Sedo also offers services specifically for domain sellers.
  • Dynadot - Register your domain and build your page with Dynadot.

Our expired domain name search engine allows you to quickly probe the net for any expired domains that will provide value for your business.

We recommend searching for expired domains with pre-built SEO, such as Google keywords and existing spam-free backlinks that will support your content ranking.

Narrow the pool of millions of expired domains into manageable and pertinent search results with SpamZilla.

List of Expired Domain Names

With Spamzilla, you can create a customized domain name expired list and have list updates sent to your inbox daily. You can also save your custom domain lists on our site to easily access and review their status.

List of Expired Domain Names

When deciding if a domain can bring value to our clients, we analyze specific data points and metrics, such as:

  • Domain age - Does the page have domain authority and page authority? Remember, when it comes to domain authority, the older the site is, the better!
  • Active history and site history - Does the domain have an excellent track record, or was it penalized by Google too many times?
  • Redirects - Does the old domain conveniently link to the site you currently maintain?
  • Site traffic - What is the number of visitors that the site attracts?
  • Backlinks history - Do a lot of pages mention your domains and link back to them?
  • Parked pages - Were some of the domains registered without being attached to a business page?
  • Anchor text - Does the domain include hyperlinks that connect to other places on the web?

Another one of our metrics tools is access to the Wayback Machine, which allows you to search and download previous versions of the domains you are interested in and restore them in HTML format.

Refine Your Search for Domains

Customizable lists of expired domains are possible with SpamZilla's services. We have the metrics and tools to pair your business with lists of potentially perfect domains.

Our domain availability checker supports over 60 top-level domains (domain extensions), including GoDaddy and Sedo registrars, so you can easily browse between the good ones and the less-than-stellar ones.

For example, good domains for your donut business are easily pronounceable, reference your product, and utilize trending keywords.

Personalize Your List With Metrics

Compiling your own lists of domains is a lot of hard work. Let SpamZilla's powerful and advanced software lighten your load by emailing you lists of domains with great metrics.

Personalize Your List With Metrics

These metrics combine with our sorting abilities to fine-tune your daily list into a practical selection of personalized domains for you to review quickly.

Our free account provides you with 25 reviewable domains, while our premium version grants you full access to 1850 credits for custom lists of domains, as well as other metrics, such as:

  • Backlink info and historical statistics for your clean domains
  • Over 70 personalizable filters
  • Automated junk email detection
  • Our SpamZilla score, which filters out domains by excluding the ones that do not assist your SEO

Imagine having perfectly customized lists of expired domains efficiently emailed to you each morning. You can even export up to 10,000 domains at a time for detailed evaluations.

By utilizing SpamZilla's domain lists, you are taking a giant leap forward towards your goal of developing a successful internet presence with a massive target audience.

Be sure not to let your career goals remain on pause due to feeling overwhelmed and confused. Instead, allow your dreams to thrive with our organized domain lists.

To find your ideal domains, contact SpamZilla at today!