To access the Backlinks Miner, click on the SZ Score in the Domains Data Table to reveal the SpamZilla data tabs.  You can then click on the second tab to see the backlinks.

You will see the top 100 or 200 domain backlinks from Ahrefs. Below is a list of the data in the backlinks table.

Backlink Page Title: This is the HTML Title tag from the page the backlink is located on. Hover the mouse on the title to see the full contents.

Backlink URL: Click on the backlink URL to open the page in a new browser tab.

Backlink Features: Anchor text language, DoFollow/NoFollow, HREF/Image, Sitewide/Not Sitewide these are the features you see labelled for each backlink.

Ahrefs Data: DR, UR, Outbound Links (OBL), Page location of link (Href), Anchor Text of backlink, First Seen / Last Seen.

Viewing Backlinks: Click on any row in the table and you will see the web page where the backlink is located load in the right side.  For Example:

Reveal Anchor Text: Clicking on the backlink anchor text in the table will show you where on the web page the backlinks exists.  The webpage will scroll to the exact location and highlight the anchor text in yellow, as shown below.  Please note, everyday website is different from the next, this functionality should work 90% of the time, if the page doesn't load, just click on the backlink URL to open the webpage in a new tab.