The domain results table displays the domains and results for a SpamZilla job.

Domain: Click on a domain name to display various data on the right hand side of the interface.

Result: When SpamZilla completes processing a domain the results field will show:

  • Checked: SpamZilla did not automatically detect any spam
  • Suspicious: SpamZilla has automatically found data that could potentially be spam for the domain.
  • Spam: SpamZilla has automatically found spam in the history of the domain.
  • Error: SpamZilla experienced an error while processing this domain, you can use the Refresh button to process this domain again.

SZ Score: The SpamZilla Score uses a proprietary algorithm created to measure the level of spam for a domain. Range is 1-100. '1' represents a low level of spam.  More information on SZ Score can be found in the SpamZilla Score section.

Clean / Spam: These buttons allow a user to manually mark a domain as ‘Clean’ or ‘Spam’.  If you have reviewed all the data of a domain and believe it is spam free, you can click the ‘Clean’ button.  This is a good way to keep track of domains you have already manually processed.