The Ultimate Guide to GoDaddy Expired Domain Recovery

Did your domain name expire? Are you wondering whether GoDaddy will let you reclaim your expired domain, and if so, how long you have?

This is very important as there are many SEO's using tools like the Scrapebox expired domain finder to snap up expired domains as soon as they expire.

In this guide, our SpamZilla team will go over how long you have to recover an expired GoDaddy domain name and what the process is.

What Happens After My Domain Expires With GoDaddy?

ICANN rules require domain registrars to give account owners plenty of warning before their domain names expire.

Generic top-level domains also usually have a couple of grace periods during which domain name owners can recover them.

Note that the steps or timeframes below may vary depending on the domain extension associated with your domain name.

For example, generic domain extensions like .com and .org often follow different processes than an extension like .net (network).

Always double-check the terms in your registration agreement and request help from the GoDaddy help desk if you're unsure.

The GoDaddy Expiration Process Timetable

The following timetable will give you an idea of the GoDaddy domain name expiration process and how to renew an expired domain name.

Days 0-18

Your site services will stop working. You can renew by paying the renewal fee.

Days 19-25

GoDaddy puts a hold on your domain. You'll have to pay the renewal rate plus an additional redemption fee.

Days 26-29

GoDaddy puts your site up for auction. You can still renew if no one else places a bid. If someone places a bid, you'll have to outbid them like any other auction participant.

Days 30-35

Your account is officially expired. You can still renew by paying the required fees.

Days 36-40

Your domain name goes to a second closeout auction. You have the option to renew if there are no bids or to if you want to place a bid against other interested parties.

Days 41-71

If your domain doesn't sell at auction, you have several final weeks during which you can renew.

Day 72

If you don't renew by this time, GoDaddy will issue a delete request with the registry, and you will no longer be able to renew.

Keep in mind that once a registrar issues a delete request for domains, it's too late to stop the expiration.

The bottom line: It's imperative to renew domains well before it gets to this point if you want to keep your site.

How Do I Get My Expired Domain Name Back From GoDaddy?

To reclaim your expired domains before they get deleted:

  1. Log in to the GoDaddy Domain Control Center
  2. Select the domain(s) you want to renew from the Expired list
  3. Click Renew and choose your renewal settings to add the domain(s) to your cart
  4. Follow the checkout process

Next time, be sure to prevent expiration stress by changing your account to auto-renew so that you don't have to worry about it.

Do you have feedback on GoDaddy's renewal procedures? You can always call and ask to speak to its leadership team for help or suggestions.

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