Site management is tricky under the best conditions.

You have to handle page links, posting status, web security, server backups, and other hassles yourself, or pay a service to do it all for you.

If you're looking to manage private blog networks, though, the challenge dials up significantly.

PBNs come with specific problems that keep many seasoned SEO specialists at arm's length.

But at the same time, they can be a high-reward endeavor for those with the right tools.

What is the best software you can download to help manage your backlinks, report issues with SEO, and save yourself and your staff a lot of valuable time?

Let's take a look.

What is a Private Blog Network?

First, let's save some headaches and get vocabulary out of the way.

A private blog network is a collection of domain names owned by a single individual, business, or organization for the purpose of creating backlinks towards a specific website.

The domain owner’s ultimate goal is to boost this "money site."

Because their other sites link back to it, the leading website will theoretically see a significant increase in SEO (search engine optimization).

A network like this uses blog sites (almost always a WordPress site) because it allows the owner to create long-form content with many links.

As a result, SEO increases much more quickly, and Google doesn't detect the existence of the PBN as quickly.

For reasons we'll address shortly, this second benefit can be beneficial to your site.

What can they do?

Website owners build and use private networks for a variety of reasons. Many owners rely on the security support and monitoring access it grants them.

Others value the level of control they allow over page content and backlinks.

With that power comes the ability to manage content on multiple sites to raise their SEO and their Google ranking by creating often-artificial rather than natural backlinks to their primary site.

It also allows the owner to change the anchor text (or the text that appears in links) whenever they want.

By avoiding conventional outreach efforts to gain backlinks, such as paying for links and recommendations, a PBN may seem like a great solution.

It lets domain owners set up authority quickly and raises their overall search score.

It looks like a potential answer to a time and labor issue some businesses don't want to deal with.

So, what's the problem?

You can likely guess that private networks have their downsides.

In fact, the drawbacks of using one are so disruptive that many SEO experts recommend steering clear entirely.

For one thing, PBNs don't help you save. They're expensive—sometimes prohibitively so.

This problem is one with which domain-hunters and investors are likely familiar. The cost purchase PBN domains from auction sites and other sources can rise into the $400-500 range for just one domain name.

Then, there's the capital an owner has to put into registering, hosting, and in some cases transferring all the domains they buy.

None of this accounts for the cost involved in creating posts and content on each of their brand-new blogs.

Worst of all, it's possible that efforts to maintain a private network could be for nothing.

Google disapproves of them and considers them scams.

Google has a reputation for monitoring sites and bringing the hammer down on anyone it suspects to be improperly using a private network.

This strict policy means that, short of restoring one of several old backups, the entire project's life span could be very short indeed if Google should de-index your entire network of websites, including your "money site."

How to Build Responsibly

With this report in mind, building a private network comes with a mix of risks and benefits.

You may be able to do it safely and increase your Google ranking, but if Google notices your footprints, the powerful company can shut down your websites for good.

For those who feel confident managing the risk, private blog networks add many up-front link juice to their money site.

Keeping the network running means staying organized and maximizing uptime, which is where these services come in.

It can be very time consuming to build out all of the PBN websites on your own, so have a look around for some PBN setup services which can do this for you.

Top PBN Hosting Sites

All PBNs need a safe place to access and call home. Like any other hosting service, PBN webhosting services maintain the domains you use for backlinking purposes.

The difference with these sites is that they specialize in hosting large numbers of domains to enable a private blog network.

As a result, they offer plugins, marketing tools, automatic posting, and other services to help maximize SEO as quickly as possible.

While none of these sites are 100% free, most offer trial versions that allow you to tool around, import a website, and save on a service that may not be for you.


As one of the least-traceable PBN hosting options, FLATsite provides quick WordPress site conversions while leaving no footprints behind.

It turns WordPress blogs into static HTML sites, which increases speed and, thus, raises your SEO.

It's a reliable system for simply mass-managing WordPress sites, as well, because it gives you unlimited site management and performs auto-maintenance on all affiliated websites.

Best of all, migrating from another host is free.

PBN Pilot

PBN Pilot not only provides support and hosting for your WordPress websites, but it's an all-in-one system that manages website creation, allowing you to generate fully-formed sites in less than a minute.

It automatically converts DNS records, so you only need to type your login into the dashboard to oversee your blogs.

PBN Pilot hosts your sites across numerous servers, which helps prevent you from being indexed.

While you can randomly generate sites, you're better off choosing custom themes and plugins to make your WordPress blogs stand out from one another.


Similar to PBN Pilot in many ways, PBN.Hosting also spreads your domains across multiple IP addresses and disguises similarities between WordPress sites.

It bills itself as "supremely fast," launching new sites in seconds with just a domain and some anchor content.

It differs through its Network Health Monitoring service, which automatically watches and troubleshoots for SEO issues. PBN.Hosting also blocks spambots and other harmful intruders.

However, unlike PBN Pilot, it keeps hosting on its servers, which implies lower security against web indexing.

Best PBN Management Tools

For monitoring your private blog network, you need a plugin with powerful automation and SEO features.

These tools help you create posts, set up backups, and manage your websites without specialized hosting platforms.

CodePBN Multi PBN Manager

CodePBN is a special plugin software for WordPress that organizes and automatically generates blog post content.

It provides unlimited site management and can install randomized or targeted themes to each of your sites.

In addition, CodePBN automatically adds links to your money site and post titles with the help of spun and nested syntax support. D


People sometimes think BrowSEO is a private hosting service, but it's not.

In reality, it's a posting and content tool designed to save you time and stress when building WordPress sites. It tracks your pages for optimization mistakes, ensuring that you don't overuse anchor text by exceeding the recommended number of keywords.

BrowSEO's software uses its own API code and is not reliant on third parties, so it's incredibly difficult to trace.


Originally a private software, ExecPBN has opened itself to the public after ten years as a successful PBN and marketing content solution.

It bills itself as a PBN expert, and it isn't hard to see why. ExecPBN checks for details like your server name quality, uptime data for your blog and money sites, URL and target link filters, and other things most providers wouldn't consider.

It also helps set up a specialized account and login info for each content writer assigned to your WordPress.


RankerX is an excellent SEO tool focusing on posting, backlink indexing, and providing a thorough link health report.

It uses multiple link embedding strategies to diversify link placement in your articles and is compatible with dozens of third-party indexing and Captcha services.

Unlike other software, RankerX also provides an internal strategy designer so you can plan your PBN on your terms.

Build Your PBN with High-Quality Domains

Are you still looking for the perfect expired domain name? Use to support your quest.

With more than 350,000 newly-expired domains added every day and specialized search features to help you find an exact match, it's never been easier to establish an untraceable PBN.