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What is a .abbott Domain Name?

.abbott is a new top level domain name (TLD) which means that it is a new option to consider when you want to register a domain name. It was created by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Who can use a .abbott domain name?

Anyone who wants one can apply to ICANN for a .abbott domain or website name. This includes individuals, businesses and non-competitive groups.

Who regulates .abbott Domain Name?

ICANN is the organization which determines which TLDs should be created and controls the Domain Name System (DNS) root zone. The DNS's DNS Root Zone Database contains information for all top level domain names such as: .com, .org, .gov, etc.

ICANN helps prevent duplicate URLs across different websites. However, some countries have registries that own their country-specific TLDs.

Tips to choose ideal .abbott Domain Name:

Because this is a new TLD option it will take some time for the domain name marketplace to determine what names are most ideal for web site owners and individual users. It might be best to avoid any obvious choices of what you want your website name to be. You would want people to find your domain as easily as possible. Thes tips would come in handy:

1. Make it easy for others to find your website when you share the address with them. A helpful suggestion is to make your domain name or web address short, memorable and brandable.

2. Try to use one word that reflects what your business does if possible. Or you could use your company name. Keep in mind that your domain and website address must make sense to people who do not know you or your business; they will be the ones finding it.

3. If possible, purchase the .abbott domains of all variations of your ideal web addresses. This way, you are sure to get all of them.

4. Use the keywords that best describe your website or business in your domain name or web address. Be careful not to use too many words since this might make it difficult for people to remember how to find your site. If necessary, you can have multiple domains for different aspects of

What's the Difference Between .com and .abbott domain?

While .abbot is a new TLD, it falls under the same gTLDs as .com and .net. They are most commonly used domain names in the country. It has been reported that more than 50% of all websites use a .com domain name. Economical business owners most often choose a .com or a .net for their websites.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .abbott Domain Name?

Just like any other domain names, .abbott requires an ICANN fee and a validation process to ensure the authenticity of your application. There is no additional paperwork needed if you want to register this TLD for personal use which means that there are no documents required beyond the standard requirements for registering any domain name.

However, if you want to register a .abbott for business purposes, you will be required to submit the information below:

Legal Name of Entity (e.g., company name)

Government-Issued ID

Proof of Physical Address (POPAS) for entity's primary place of business