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.aco domain name

A .aco domain name is a new TLD (Top-level Domain) introduced by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). A .aco Domain Name is an internet identity for you, it's the gateway to your online business and should reflect your company or organization in a meaningful way.

Who can use a .aco domain name?

A .aco domain name is an international and unrestricted TLD and anyone can register a .aco domain name through a registrar for any use. It can be used by any individual, company or organization around the world. However, there are some restrictions on the use of .aco names, including that they cannot be used for pornographic or illegal purposes.

Who regulates .aco domain name?

ICANN is responsible for overseeing and managing the introduction of new TLDs, including .aco domain name, meaning that organizations can rely on ICANN to introduce new namespaces in an orderly fashion that ensures security and stability.

Tips to choose ideal .aco domain name:

Your choice of an .aco TLD is limited, enabling you to select a name that relates specifically to your company or organization. You may also wish to consider how the .aco extension relates to your website's content For example, if it is music related then .aco might look good alongside your website address.

When choosing a .aco Domain, ensure that its extension fits with the way in which you want to use it. Registering a .aco Domain Name helps you create a memorable online identity for your business or organization.

Are there any restrictions when registering a .aco domain name?

Individuals and organizations can register an .aco domain name - there are no restrictions governing who can register a .aco domain name. However, ICANN does place some restrictions on the types of names that are allowed to be registered in specific TLDs.

What's the Difference Between .com and .aco domain name?

There is no difference between .com and .aco domains . Both are generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that are available for anyone to register. However, .com is the most popular gTLD across the world, whereas other TLDs are more niche. For example, if you want to create a name or address that is memorable and makes sense in your native language then an internationalized domain name might be a better choice,

What Documents Do You Need to Register .aco domain name?

There is no regulation in place for .aco domain names. However, registrars offering the registration of a .aco domain name may have additional requirements that you must meet before they will allow you to register a particular name. As a general rule, you will need an official document from your company or organization containing:

- Your company's exact legal name

- Contact details for your organization's administrative contact

How Much Does .aco domain name Cost?

Registering a .aco domain name can cost between $7 - $12 per year, depending on the registrar you use to register it. This may however go higher depending on the type of service you choose.