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There is no special process needed to register a .ADS domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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.ads Domain Name

A. .ads domain name is a new top-level domain name that can be registered by any individual or business entity.

Who can use a .ads domain name?

The .ads domain is especially ideal for those in the advertisement industry since it focuses on advertisements or advertisements-related services. However, this top-level domain name can be used by any individual or business entity since it is not restricted to any category.

Who regulates .ads Domain Name?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) regulates the registration of new generic TLDs . It is a nonprofit organization composed of representatives from the world's various Internet communities. ICANN is responsible for assigning and administering domain names as well as managing the global DNS root zone.

Tips to choose ideal .ads Domain Name:

Since there are no restrictions when registering .ads domain name, it can be confusing on choosing an ideal one. Some factors to consider when choosing an ideal domain name include:

The domain should be relevant to the site's content.

It should be easy to remember, spell and type incorrectly.

It should indicate what the website is all about.

Is .ads a community-based domain name?

No, there are no community-based restrictions for .ads domain name. This domain name can be registered by any individual or business entity.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .ads Domain Name?

For .ads domain name, you need not submit your documents in person or pay overseas payment fees since these documents are processed within the country. The only requirement is that you will have to provide original local identification record (IC/ID card). These records should be either in the original, photocopy or fax. The documents that you need to submit will differ depending on your registration address:

What's the Difference Between .com and .ads?

While .com is an old, popular generic TLDs, .ads is a new top-level domain name that can be used by any individual or business entity. The main difference between these two is that .ads relates to advertisements or advertisements-related services.

Are there any restrictions when registering .ads domain name?

There are no legal requirements for particular fonts, language or character set. The only requirement for your web address is the availability of the domain name in question at the time you make your order. However, ICANN requires domain registrants to agree to its registration policies.

How Much Does .ads Domain Name Cost?

The price for .ads domain name depends on the number of years you are willing to register it for. For instance, if you want to register your preferred name for one year only, then the cost is at $50.00 per year. If you plan to keep it for two years, the cost will be less than half which is $25.00 every two years.

In addition, you will pay extra if your domain name contains certain special characters such as trademarks or other signs which are regulated by ICANN and can not be used directly in a domain name.