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What is the .airtel domain name?

.airtel is the new TLD that will provide Airtel customers with an exclusive web address that can easily be remembered and also shared across social networks.

This simple, short, and trusted domain extension offers the additional advantage of search engine friendliness making it easy to locate services online.

You could type any .airtel web address directly into the address bar of your browser and reach the specific service within a click.

Why a .airtel Domain Name?

·Much Simpler Domain Name - Can easily be remembered and also shared across social networks

·Lets you stand out from the crowd - Makes your business look professional and trustworthy

·Branding Opportunity – Builds loyalty, brand recognition, customer recall

·Customer Verification – Gives customers confidence in your products/services

·Brand Protection - Protects brand names, trademarks, or slogans that are important to your business

·Mobile Applications – Promote offers on mobile devices

·Easier Searches – Gives customers a one-stop location for all things related to your company

.Airtel will be the only internet service provider in India with an exclusive TLD of its own.

This will give you the opportunity to get a unique and exclusive .airtel web address for your business.

With over 100 million unique subscribers in India, Airtel has the largest retail footprint of any mobile service provider in India.

The .airtel domain name is a premium virtual real-estate that helps you to designate your business from a sea of competitors and establish a strong online presence for your company.

Is WYNK free for non-Airtel users?

The short answer is No.

There are two kinds of registrations possible in .airtel - 'applicant' and 'customer'.

Non-Airtel users will have to apply for the 'applicant' category registration, which can be done at http://www.wynk.in/register. Applicants will also have to submit proof of their company registration.

Airtel customers have the option of registering directly through an Airtel customer care representative or by visiting a retail outlet.

To ensure that you get the .airtel domain name you want, it is advisable to start this process at least a month before you plan on going live with your website.

What are the registration requirements?

A minimum of three characters is required.

The registry system will automatically block unavailable .airtel domain names that are similar to existing registrations or trademarked business names.

The applicant must be an Indian company, co-operative society or other association registered with Registrar of Companies (ROC), Government of India having its principal place of business in India.

The applicant should have a unique e-mail address and phone number(s) and agree to ‘terms and conditions.

What type of businesses can register a .airtel domain name?

·A business whose products or services are targeted at Indian consumers

·An organization or association which has its principal place of operation in India

·Any other Indian entity, incorporated according to the applicable laws in India.

Any business, organization, or individual with a registered business in India can apply for registration. Domains are available both in the country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) as well as generic TLD (gTLD).

What are the technical requirements for this TLD?

·Domain Name System (DNS) hosting with Airtel Broadband/Ethernet connection to the closest International Internet Gateway.

·DNS Zones must be under the primary nameserver.

·Airtel Broadband customers should have a static IP address for proper DNS resolution of www and mail servers.