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What is .akdn domain name?

The .akdn domain name is a community-based open domain name for artists, galleries, and art aficionados in London.

The use of the word "AKDN" stands for the Aga Khan Development Network who developed this open name to be used by specific sectors of society that are closely located together in the UK.

This includes both art and non-art-related groups that can benefit from the .akdn domain name.

The AKDN is a group of private agencies funded by Aga Khan Foundation, a Swiss charity organization run by His Highness Prince Shah Karim Al Husseini who is also known as Aga Khan IV or simply as a spiritual leader of Ismailis.

The AKDN oversees development projects in the Central Asian states of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Pakistan, and Tajikistan which in turn support over three million people.

Over the years AKDN has been developing in many sectors including health care, education, and culture.

The .akdn domain name is for use by all Ismailis or Nizaris and is managed by a committee of five members appointed from the private sector who will review applications to register .akdn domain name.

Who will be able to register a .akdn domain name?

The community-based open registration for this new top-level domain name allows anyone who can demonstrate that they are associated with or interested in the AKDN and its initiatives to register a .akdn domain name.

There is no pre-registration list or auction period for the registration of .akdn domain names.

How can I get involved?

The process of applying to register a .akdn domain name starts by filling out an application form on this page: https://domains.akdn.org/.

There is a one-time fee of GBP 100 to cover costs associated with administration and the review process, which is non-refundable if application for a particular .akdn domain name is denied.

Please note that anyone can make a request without being affiliated to an organization or having any affiliation with the AKDN.

If you are associated or have some sort of business with the AKDN, please make sure to indicate it in your application.

The registration process is open and transparent via https://domains.akdn.org/ . There is no pre-registration list for this TLD; anyone can apply by filling out an application form.

If your request for a domain name is denied, you will be notified by email and given the reasons for the denial; if approved, you will receive an invoice via email.

Is there any restriction to the use of .akdn domains?

The following usage restrictions will apply: The registrant must be 18 years or older. The registrant must be associated with the AKDN or an organization that is related to it by either of these means:

a) the registrant represents that he/she has some sort of business relationship with the AKDN;

b) the registrant's organization uses any of the services provided by the AKDN.

The registrant must have a real and valid postal address in the United Kingdom. The term "postal address" as used here shall mean a registered office or place of business, as well as a residential address, within the UK which can be verified by an official document from any government authority such as a driver's license, national identity card, passport or a utility bill.

The registrant must have a real and a valid e-mail address in the United Kingdom which can be verified by an official document from any government authority such as a driver's license, national identity card, passport, or a utility bill.

The .akdn domain name will not be used for e-commerce or for serving pop-ups or "Under Construction" pages.

The .akdn domain names are not being sought by the AKDN for any commercial reasons.