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What is the .allfinanz domain name?

It is a new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) that will be launched by the end of May 2013. About 90 days later, allfinanz domain name registrations can be made via accredited registrars.

Industry: Financial Services

Related Product/Services: insurance, banking, investment banker, finance, financial advisor.

Needs of .allfinanz domain name: for trading and marketing purposes. The term "allfinanz" is a widely recognized and accepted phrase that pertains to all types of financial services. It is a unique and exclusively relevant keyword for the financial services industry.


Trademark owners of allfinanz-domain names can apply. Applicants must show the need for this domain name, e.g.: trademark registration/renewal and evidence of use and/or intent to use.

Applicants must also show a legitimate connection between the mark and the domain name requested, e.g.: the same brand or family of brands as the trademark.

.allfinanz is the perfect domain extension for all your financial needs. Whether you're an investor, banker, or business owner, this extension will be perfect for your company. It's easy to remember and it's available in many languages!

What is .allfinanz useful for?

.allfinanz is useful for all individuals and organizations that want to inform about their products, services, or expertise in the financial sector. It can be used by banks, insurance companies, investment firms as well as advisors and brokers.

The .allfinanz domain name makes it easier for consumers to access financial content on the web via search engines and is, therefore, an ideal online address for companies in the financial services industry.

The gTLD .allfinanz identifies organizations that provide financial services. Financial institutions, insurance companies, asset managers, and all other types of companies in the financial field are encouraged to take part in .allfinanz.

What are the registration restrictions for a .allfinanz domain name?

Only trademark owners of allfinanz-domain names are eligible to apply.

Domain names that start with a number, contain only numbers and/or hyphens, and/or a combination of characters and numbers or include special characters will not be accepted.

The domain name requested must describe the nature of your company's business, be an appropriate branding option for your website, and meet the following requirements:

- it must match the business name of the applicant or a family of marks owned by the person applying, e.g., an insurer with a financial services division can apply for allfinanzinsurance.allfinanz, but not for abcdinsurance.allfinanz;

- it must be related to services and/or products offered, e.g., a financial services company can apply for webuyhouses.allfinanz or mynewmortgage.allfinanz;

- it must be one word that is easily typed and remembered by people globally, e.g., bankofamerica.allfinanz or citigroup.allfinanz;

- it must be a generic term, e.g., not limited to a geographic area or service, e.g., .southcentralfloridafinance is available but meridianbankfl.allfinanz is not.

- the requested domain name must be relevant to the applicant's business. It cannot mislead or misrepresent, e.g., brokers should not apply for stockmarket.allfinanz since this would assume an affiliation with the stock market that may not exist;

- it cannot contain any hyphens, numbers, or special characters;

- it must be between 3 and 63 characters long.