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What is the .alstom domain name?

The .alstom domain name is the reference for the Alstom Group, one of the world's leading providers of high-tech power solutions.

It proposes an open platform allowing all stakeholders belonging to this community (customers, employees, shareholders, governments, and suppliers) to connect with ease.

It represents the company's desire to expand its online community, bringing together all of Alstom's stakeholders in a single place.

How .alstom domain will be helpful?

The .alstom domain will help the Alstom Group bring together its stakeholders while facilitating an even better dialogue with them.

It will also provide a brand protection tool by allowing the company to take action against the unacceptable use of its name in domain names.

.alstom domain name will help in promoting the brand in an authentic way to reach out to all stakeholders in one place in a very short time.

It will provide the representatives of Alstom Group's different business units, including power generation, transmission, and rail infrastructure, with an effective platform to communicate online with their customers and partners.

It will be useful in allowing Alstom's employees to share their ideas and projects with the rest of the company.

The .alstom domain name can be used by all participants (existing or potential customers, suppliers, employees) of the group in order to establish online connections for an improved alignment on common goals.

What are the registration restrictions for a .alstom domain name?

Organizations wishing to register a .alstom domain name must provide proof of their exact connection to Alstom.

This can be done by showing a contractual relation with the Alstom Group, either through a formal employment contract or a business agreement.

Examples of acceptable documentation would be terms & conditions, an invoice, a certificate.

Proof of address may also be required.

The .alstom domain name will not be available to individuals who are not directly connected with the Alstom Group.

An exception has been made for web hosting companies offering their services to Alstom and its subsidiaries.

The Alstom Group reserves the right to deny the registration of a .alstom domain name for any reason without giving any explanations.

Domain Extension Availablilty and Domain Extension Expiration

Domain Extension Availability Period: Registration allowed any time during the year

Domain Expiration Date Cycle: Renewal every 10 years

Initial registration duration (WHOIS): Unlimited with possible renewal of 5, 7, or 10 years at the second and subsequent registrations

Renewal duration (WHOIS): Unlimited with possible renewal of 5, 7, or 10 years at the second and subsequent renewals

Registration Restriction: Only available to organizations belonging to Alstom Group. Proof of connection is required. The .alstom domain will not be available to individuals who are not directly connected with the Alstom Group.

Domain Transfer Availability: No transfer of domain license is allowed once registration is done

Name Collision: In case of a name collision for .alstom, additional validation will be required as per ICANN requirements.

Single Applicant: The domain is registered to a single application only.

Limitations on the number of characters in a second-level label: Alstom has set a limit of 63 alphanumeric characters for the second-level label.

The process of registration enables customers to get registered with the .alstom domain name. Also, it allows customers to avail other benefits by participating in the activities of Alstom through its website.