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What do you mean by .anquan domain name?

.anquan domain name is the English spelling of 『安全』 (pronounced as "anqun"), which means 'safe/security' in Chinese. A special Unicode .anquan domain name is now available for registration through Global Domain Name Registration Co.

The .anquan domain name is envisioned to be the new online branding and naming system for Chinese-speaking people worldwide, especially those that prefer to use a unique but phonetically easy-to-remember domain name.

.anquan is an open gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain name) that offers unrestricted online real estate for your personal or professional identity on the web.

It's a place for you to take control of your online presence.

Who can register .anquan domain names?

.anquan domain names can be registered by individuals or organizations. Anyone who is eligible to register a .com, .net, .org, etc. domain name can register a .anquan domain name.

Anyone who speaks Chinese or is interested in reaching out to the BBS (online community) of Chinese-speaking people can register .anquan domain names.

What is the benefit of registering a .anquan domain name?

There are several benefits to register a .anquan local language domain:

1. An affordable and easy way to create your own personalized online identity with a single word that's simple to remember.

2. The complete flexibility in selecting the right name without worrying about the availability of names since .anquan is an open TLD that offers unrestricted online real estate, just like other gTLDs such as .com/.net/.org/.info, etc.

3. No special requirements are needed for domain name registration, other than the normal registration which is already available for all gTLDs.

4. Since .anquan domains are registered through top-level domain registry(similar to other TLDs), .anquan domains enjoy significantly lower website traffic and search engine rankings.

5. It's time to go global with a local word.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an identification label for a computer or a network of related computers connected to the Internet.

How do I register a .anquan domain name under my own identity?

You can search and find out if the domain name you would like to register is available at http://www.global-domain.com, and register it if your preferred domain name is still available.

What is a special Unicode .anquan domain name?

A special Unicode .anquan domain name can be registered by anyone from any country. It consists of Chinese characters and the English spelling of "安全". For example, qq.anquan, www.anquan , etc.

In order to see what special Unicode .anquan domain name will look like, you can try registering 日.anquan which is "日安全" in pinyin (Chinese phonetic alphabet).

How does Global Domain Name Registration Co. make my online presence more secure?

Global Domain Name Registration Co. offers SSL certificates to help secure the connection between your website and your online visitors. You can register an SSL certificate for both of your .anquan domain names and www subdomain name at any one time with Global Domain Name Registration Co. for a low annual fee.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a digital document that identifies a website's connection to other sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or sign-in credentials, by establishing the website as a trusted entity.

By using a .anquan domain name and having an SSL certificate for your online presence, you can help extend your brand's trust and security to other business partners and customers.