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What do you mean by .aol domain name?

.aol is the new top-level domain name for AOL users, accredited by ICANN(Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers).

A .aol domain name is an internet extension that can be used to address anything on the web. It was previously owned by AOL Inc., but after the company split into two different divisions (Verizon and Oath), Verizon (who acquired most of AOL's assets) got ownership of the .aol domain name.

The .aol domain extension will be another way to easily direct people to your website or blog, so start thinking about how you can use it! As an AOL user, you'll have priority access to purchase your favorite .aol domain name.

.aol domain name - How to get one?

After Verizon acquired the .aol domain name, a lot of people expected that it would be made available to the public in time. However, up until today, it is still not possible to register a .aol domain name from Verizon or any other service provider for that matter.

Currently, there is no word on when the .aol domain name will be made available to the general public.

There are a number of third-party service providers who offer their own version of the .aol domain name (e.g. wwwold.com).

It is generally not recommended to use such third-party services as they may cause negative issues to your online presence.

Once the .aol domain name is available, you will be able to register your preferred domain name directly through Verizon.

.aol Domain Name - Benefits and Features

As a user of AOL, you should definitely get a .AOL domain name if it is available. AOL users are considered as having priority access to purchase a .aol domain name, so you should not miss out if it becomes publicly available soon.

A .aol domain name gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience in a more personal way, which will definitely help build trust and loyalty. Your visitors will know that your website or blog is under your control.

In my opinion, a .aol domain name is an excellent opportunity for any AOL user to connect with the old and new audience in a better way.

Here are some benefits of using a .aol domain name:

It gives you a better opportunity to make more connections with your audience.

You should definitely purchase your preferred .aol domain name after it becomes available from Verizon.

Registering a .aol domain name also helps differentiate your site from other sites, so your visitors are more likely to remember you better.

.aol Domain Name Tips

I suggest you purchase your preferred .aol domain name after it becomes available from Verizon.

Don't use third-party services to register your .aol domain name.

Be sure to back up your website in case anything goes wrong with the registration process.

You can use your .aol domain name to write your bio on various social media websites. For example, if you have a blog or website that is all about fashion, then you should go with something like wwwfashion.AOL.com

Every AOL user would definitely want to have their own personalized .AOL domain name so that people can easily link their AOL account to the website or blog.

.aol extension - How Does It Affect Webmasters?

A lot of webmasters have already started creating their own content using the AOL brand (e.g. wwwaol.com, wwwaolzone.blogspot.com).

Yet some are still having difficulties in creating their own content because they are not sure about the rules and regulations of .aol domain name.

So if you are one of them, it is recommended to wait for the official announcement from Verizon before doing anything else.

In the meantime, you will also need to decide if it is necessary to purchase a .aol domain name or not. If your target market is mainly from the AOL network, then you should definitely get one as soon as possible.

If your target audience is from all over the world and they do not use AOL, then you may choose to wait.