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What is the .aws domain name?

.aws is a top-level domain name for Amazon Web Service (.com, .net, etc.). It is an ideal domain extension for cloud computing professionals, IT services firms, and companies offering Amazon Web Services.


Amazon owns the .aws domain name so you cannot create your own.

The people who want to buy domains under this TLD are required to provide authorization from Amazon Technologies Inc.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it possible for organizations to rent computing power, storage, and other services in the cloud.

With Amazon Web Services you pay only for what you use. You can set up your account to automatically charge your credit card or debit your bank account each month, so you don't have to worry.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) products include elastic compute cloud (EC2), simple storage service (S3), and content delivery network website.

How to use the .aws domain name?

You can search for available domains through amazon.com.

1. Visit amazonaws.com and search for the available domain names.

2. Choose the one you like and click 'Buy Now' to complete your purchase.

You can set up your own website with a custom .aws domain name as well as manage DNS, email, mail forwarding, and more through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What are the Benefits of using the .aws domain name?

.aws is the ideal domain extension for cloud computing professionals, IT services firms, and companies offering Amazon Web Services.

Now that you know about the .aws domain name here are some of the reasons why it's important to have your site on AWS:

1. With AWS, it allows people to create their own web pages using custom domain names that you control.

2. By hosting your website on AWS, allows you to access more features such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, easy-to-use web interfaces for managing websites and databases, even the capability to create a virtual private server (VPS) with custom IP addresses.

3. With Amazon Web Services you can scale your infrastructure within minutes and without any downtime.

4. A presence on AWS provides a sense of credibility because it shows that you are running a professional web operation.

What are the registration restrictions for a .aws domain name?

.aws is a restricted domain name, which means that Amazon owns this top-level domain and it cannot be purchased by individuals or organizations who are not authorized by Amazon Technologies Inc.

Who is eligible to register .aws domain names?

Currently, only Amazon Technologies Inc. registered customers are allowed to purchase their own .aws domain name. However, they will be looking closely at candidates who meet all of the following requirements:

1. You host your website on Amazon Web Services, and you want to use a custom .aws domain name.

2. You have an active AWS account.

3. You fully understand the terms of service for using .aws as part of your custom domain name (e.g., you agree not to violate copyright laws).

Please note: If you meet the above requirements and would like to register your own .aws domain name, click here.