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What is the .baidu domain name?

.baidu is the designated domain name for Baidu search engine, targeting Baidu's local users on the Internet (mainland China).

In the Chinese language, .baidu is a top-level domain name, which means that it is to be used as an extension attached to the end of a website or email address to denote that it belongs to a specific entity.

The other top-level domain names are com for commercial entities, org for non-profit organizations or public services, net for network-related organizations.

For example, in the address www.baidu.com, Baidu is a top-level domain name that is attached to the end of www which is a hostname that denotes a specific computer server on the Internet.

What are the .baidu registration rules?

1. Individuals may register up to 20 domain names in total; enterprises, organizations, and institutions may register up to 100 domain names in total.

2. The registration rules mentioned here are for .baidu addresses in China mainland only. Different rules may apply for .baidu addresses outside China mainland.

3. Applicants for a domain name registration must be the legitimate owner of the target domain and should agree to and shall comply with relevant policies and service agreement, as well as related technical requirements on domain names issued by Baidu.

4. Applicants are responsible for understanding the policies and agreements related to domains.

5. Baidu may use an application code to identify the applicant for domain name registration.

6. Registrations of .baidu domain names are not allowed if it is identical or similar to another user's name, trademark, registered brand name, etc., or may cause disputes between different parties.

What are .baidu domain names used for?

.baidu domain names may be used for a number of purposes including:

- As a part of public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication system by different e-commerce websites and organizations.

(e.g.: baiduboxun1.com, baidutongxun6.com, etc.)

- As a part of an email server system for certain Internet applications.

(e.g.: md5@baidu, idc@baidu, etc.)

- As a part of network services for some software developers and product providers. (e.g.: baiduonlineupdate)

- As the domain names of Baidu-affiliated websites, databases, and search tools.

(e.g.: www.baidu.com, baidudata.baidu.com, etc.)

- As a domain name that contains the official website address of an organization or corporation that is affiliated with Baidu but operates independently from it.

(e.g.: tiantianxiazai.baidu)

- As a domain name that contains the official website address of an individual or website that is not affiliated with Baidu but authorizes Baidu to register it on its behalf.

(Possible registrants include individuals, organizations, or companies that are not affiliated with Baidu but wish to register a .baidu domain name in order to promote their own business or website)

What is the procedure for registering a .baidu domain name?

- Applicants for a new .baidu domain must submit an application and prove that they are either:

1. The legitimate owner of the target domain name, and agree and shall comply with Baidu's policies and related service agreement, as well as technical requirements for domain names issued by Baidu.

2. Or the delegated user of the legitimate owner of the target domain.

- After verification, if deemed appropriate, Baidu will proceed to register the domain name for applicants.

- Applicants may start using their .baidu domain names once they receive a confirming email from Baidu.