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What is the .barclaycard domain name?

.barclaycard is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) name, the extension that appears to the right of the last dot in a web address, such as .com or .co.uk. It has been registered by Barclaycard, the credit card division of Barclays bank.

The .barclaycard domain will be used to secure Barclaycard's online presence and enable customers, merchants, and developers to access Barclaycard products and services in a trusted environment on a dedicated website.

How will consumers and businesses use the .barclaycard domain name?

.barclaycard has been reserved for consumer and commercial use, and can be used by individuals and organizations to build a website that reflects their affiliation with the credit card issuer.

For example, an airline could set up a site under .barclaycard to provide travelers with updates on flight times, or a hotel could create a site to manage bookings.

What are the benefits of the .barclaycard domain name?

The .barclaycard domain provides Barclays with the opportunity to showcase Barclaycard products and services in a trusted online environment, while at the same time providing customers, merchants, and developers access to these products and services in a dedicated website.

- You can use that short and unique domain name on all your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc…), personal, or business websites.

- It's not a geographic TLD which means you can use it worldwide!

- People will be able to remember easily that new domain name

- You can use it at any web address - you will get more credibility on the web!

- Once registered, your .barclaycard domain name will be yours forever, no renewals needed!

It's a great opportunity to build a new website with a short and strong domain name.

Who can register the .barclaycard domain name?

Anyone can register a .barclaycard domain name - from individuals, small businesses to large multinationals. There are no restrictions on the nationality or location of a registrant.

If you are Barclaycard, you should not worry about it! Otherwise, if you are a private person or business registered in any country of the world, you can register the .barclaycard domain name.

What are the common second-level .Barclaycard domain name?

.barclaycard is a generic TLD so you can register any second-level domain name as long as the same rules as the .com or .org that have been in use for years.

barclaycardcards.barclaycard - it's going to be good for a website about Barclaycard cards

barclaycardcredit.barclaycard - it's going to be good for a website about Barclaycard credit cards

barclaycardloan.barclaycard - it's going to be good for a website about Barclaycard loan

Does the .barclaycard domain name have any restrictions?

A domain name can be registered if it complies with the following rules:

- it must contain 1 to 63 characters

- It must start with a letter or number, have one or more letters, and end in a letter or number

- The name should not consist of only numbers. Numbers are allowed if they are included as part of a word (e.g.: 42.barclaycard or 20euro.barclaycard)

- It cannot contain generic words which refer to the industry

- It can't be a name reserved by Barclays for future use

- The domain name must not exceed 64 characters including the TLD.

- The name should be an existing Barclaycard brand or division

The .barclaycard domain name registration is subject to the same registration conditions as all other TLDs. Organizations are encouraged to consult with their legal advisors before applying for a new gTLD registration.