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What is the .barefoot domain name?

The .barefoot domain name is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD). The .barefoot gTLD will be available to the public for registration on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registrations in this TLD are open to individuals and organizations from around the world. There are no restrictions on registration- everyone is free to register a .barefoot domain name.

Why register a .barefoot domain name?

With the .barefoot new TLD, there are no restrictions on registration. This makes it easier to associate your website with the products and services you offer, even if they change over time.

If you do not already have a website, the .barefoot domain name provides a space for you to set up your first one. You can use it as a parking page or placeholder until you decide on the right domain name and web hosting for your site.

If you already have a website, you can make it easier to find on search engines by registering a .barefoot domain name that matches it.

For example, your existing website could be www.mybusinessname.com, so the matching .barefoot domain name you register would be www.mybusinessname.barefoot.

What are the benefits of getting a .barefoot domain name?

There are many benefits to registering a .barefoot domain name. The new TLD is an ideal choice for businesses, individuals, and other organizations looking for a unique web address that is easy to remember.

While you own your .barefoot domain name, you also have full control over it. You can silently redirect your .barefoot domain name to another website you own or temporarily point the domain elsewhere while you decide on the best use for it.

You can even set up custom email addresses using your .barefoot domain name that forwards emails to existing accounts.

If another business already has a domain name similar to your .barefoot domain name and you plan on marketing your site so that consumers can easily find you, it is important to reserve the original address.

What documents do you need to register .barefoot domain name?

In order to register a .barefoot domain name, you will need documentation proving your eligibility. In most cases, this means that you have to own or manage a website, but there are other options for eligible registrants.

For individuals: To prove your identity and eligibility for a .barefoot domain name, you can provide a copy of your government-issued identification.

For businesses: If you are registering a .barefoot domain name for use with a business, you can submit documents proving your organization's incorporation.

These could include articles of incorporation or other registration papers that have been filed with the relevant authority.

What is the common second-level .barefoot domain name?

The common second-level domain is the part of your .barefoot domain name following the dot.

For example, if your website address is www.mybusinessname.com, then mybusinessname would be the common second-level domain.

Are there any restrictions on .barefoot domain names?

Because there are no restrictions on registration, anyone can register a .barefoot domain name.

However, the following are prohibited from using this new TLD:

- Businesses that do not have an operating website or one that does not offer goods or services to consumers or businesses

- Organisations that provide products or services that compete directly with other approved registrants

- Individuals under the age of 13

- Those who have previously violated ICANN policies for domain name registration.