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What is the .bnpparibas domain name?

BNP Paribas is a major French banking group. It is listed in France and in the United States and in the UK (where it has a retail banking subsidiary and where it has its headquarters) with an international network present all around the world.

BNP Paribas' purpose is to provide private customers, mid-sized companies, large corporations, and public institutions with financial solutions that enable them to seize opportunities and manage risks at every stage of their development.BNP Paribas is committed to sticking by its clients' sides throughout all stages of their development.

A .bnpparibas domain name allows you to directly link your website with the BNP Paribas brand, leveraging the power of this strong international presence and recognized trust. It is a way to improve your visibility on the Internet for your potential clients from all around the world.

What are the benefits?

The .bnpparibas domain name will simplify the navigation on the Internet for .BNP clients, allow them to directly visit your website by entering your domain name instead of using a lengthy IP address.

• Your company or brand becomes more easily recognizable on Internet;

• Direct access from everywhere in the world;

• In times of globalization, .bnpparibas domain name sends a clear message to clients from all continents;

• Your digital communication reinforces your image as a company open to international development.

Having a premium .bnpparibas web address will allow you to acquire new customers and generate more traffic to your website.

It is a way to improve your visibility on the Internet for your potential clients from all around the world.

Who can register a .bnpparibas domain name?

Any company or individual can register a .bnpparibas domain name.

In this case, you will have to enter the exact address of the site where you want to use your new .bnpparibas web address. But you can also opt for a transfer from another registrar company, if your domain name is already registered elsewhere.

The registration process is quick and easy without any special requirements.

How many characters can be used for a .bnpparibas domain name?

A .bnpparibas web address includes 3 to 63 characters. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 63 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) can be used. It cannot begin or end with a hyphen and neither contain two consecutive hyphens.

It cannot be composed of only numbers (for example, 123456789) or only letters (for example, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz).


• www.facebook.bnpparibas - 6 characters;

• www.youtube-bnpparibas - 8 characters;

• www.pinterest-bnpparibas - 11 characters.

What are the registration restrictions?

There are no specific restrictions at this time. However, in general, only one domain name per person or company is allowed. The .bnpparibas registry will not allow the following domain names to be registered:

• Names that are not adapted to a .bnpparibas domain name;

• Domain names that infringe third-party rights, including trademarks or other intellectual property rights.

• Domain names containing personal data of individuals (for example, full name(s) or company name(s)), government numbers (for example, passport number(s), taxpayer's identification number(s) or social security number(s)) or sensitive data (for example, date of birth or gender);

• Domain names that are offensive in any way;

• Domain names that are contrary to public order and morality.

Which extensions can be used with the .bnpparibas domain name?

You can register a .bnpparibas domain name with or without an extension (for example, yourdomain.bnpparibas) but it must end in '.bnpparibas'.