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What is the .boo domain name?

The .boo domain extension was created to provide an alternative for those who want to avoid the negative connotations associated with the word "boo". It's perfect for anyone looking for a safe and family-friendly space online.

You can now create your own personal boo.com website or blog, share it with friends and family, or use it as your email address.

You can also create a one-page website for your business, club, or organization.

The .boo domain is available to everyone around the world but must be used within our acceptable use policy.

Where can I use the .boo domain name?

The .boo domain extension is a great choice for bloggers, forums, small businesses, and personal websites alike. It can be used in a variety of places:

1) As your primary web address e.g. www.myname.boo

2) As a one-page site e.g. www.myname.boo/aboutme

3) On social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter

4) In email addresses - you can use your .boo domain name to create an email address for yourself, such as [email protected]

5) On your business card and all marketing materials

6) As a URL shortener e.g. bit.ly/1KxEttl - you can even use it to link back to boo!

What's the difference between .com, .net and .boo?

The .com domain extension is the original top-level internet domain, but .net has long been used by businesses and organizations.

The .boo domain name offers a completely new option for people or businesses looking to share their web addresses with family, friends, and customers without having to worry about which version of ' boo' they are using.

Where can I buy and register a .boo domain name?

You can purchase and register your own .boo domain name by going to our registrar's page. Simply enter the domain you want into the search field and click 'search'.

You'll be shown all available TLDs for that word, including any matching .boo names, as well as the registrar where you can register it.

You can then go ahead and register your .boo domain name, as well as any other matching TLDs. A few registrars offer a free .boo registration with certain packages - you may want to check if this is available with the plan you choose.

What words are restricted on a .boo web address?

A .boo domain name is for personal and business use. As such, we will only allow the registration of a .boo domain if there is a clear link between the applicant's name and their website address.

This includes:

1) Personal names

2) Brands or businesses that are wholly owned by an individual

3) Brands or businesses that are 51% owned by an individual.

In all other cases, a clear link between the domain name and its owner must be shown. This includes:

1) The domain name is wholly comprised of generic Top-Level Domain terms (com, net, org, info, etc.)

2) The domain name is registered in the name of a company, but used for personal purposes

3) Personal pronouns (I, you, he, etc.)

4) Professional titles

5) Names of geographical locations

6) Names/terms that are widely associated with unsavory or explicit content.

If you wish to register one of these names, you must include a link to your professional profile (LinkedIn or company website) with your application.