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Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
EnCirca, Inc. 819 26.61%
101domain GRS Limited 314 10.20%
MarkMonitor Inc. 83 2.70%
1API GmbH 78 2.53%
Nom-iq Ltd. dba COM LAUDE 38 1.23%
Whois Corp. 32 1.04%
Lexsynergy Limited 15 0.49%
Key-Systems, LLC 11 0.36%

What is the .bot domain name?

.bot is a new top-level domain (TLD) that has been created for use in connection with chatbots and other conversational commerce applications.

When people think of bots, they often think of mindless automatons; however, this is not the case. Modern chatbots are intelligent entities that can help you search for information or carry out transactions.

Bot developers are using .bot for chatbots that are designed to be used via messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

What is the .bot domain used for?

.bot domain names can be used by companies and individuals to create:

- Dating bots: meet people, find friends, and more!

- Chatbots for customer service chatbots: give your customers a better help desk experience with bots!

- Utilities & tools: manage Telegram channels, books, calendars, or task lists through your chatbot.

- Games & fun: create your own game bots or host other people's games in .bot domains.

- Blockchain & cryptocurrency bots: send messages to your friends about Bitcoin, share the latest cryptocurrency prices, and more!

- Other cool chatbots: anything goes. Be creative!

Why need a .bot domain name?

.bot domains are easy to remember, simple to type in any language, and they work with almost every application that supports internationalized domain names (IDNs).

.bot is the new home for chatbots, providing a dedicated space on the web for chatbots to thrive. The .bot domain extension provides unique naming opportunities between businesses and their consumers through relevant yet familiar branded names.

.bot domains are much safer than sending messages via personal phone numbers since they can never be used for any human-to-human communication.

The .bot TLD has been created with security in mind and it is absolutely impossible to send messages between regular chatbots and humans. The only thing you can do with a .bot domain is hosts a chatbot.

Key points:

- .bot is a new top-level domain for chatbots.

- It provides a dedicated space on the web for your chatbot to thrive.

- No human communication is possible between regular chatbots and users.

- The default registry population period is 3 days; however, this period may be extended for special circumstances by registrars.

- .bot registrations are restricted to one second-level domain per organization.

- The registry provides conflict checking functionality, so it should provide instant feedback if another .bot domain is already taken.

- Registrations are available to everyone but must be activated in order to resolve over the internet by submitting an email address and receiving a confirmation link.

What is the common second-level .bot domain name?

Common second-level domains include:

com.bot - for businesses

net.bot - for networks

info.bot - for informational purposes

org.bot - for organizations

edu.bot - for educational purposes

gov.bot - for government agencies, departments or offices

mil.bot - the military branch of a country's armed forces

support.bot - for customer service-related chatbots

fun.bot - for games and fun bots

What are the registration restrictions for a .bot domain name?

.bot domain names can be registered and renewed for periods of one to ten years, with the most commonly used (and shortest) duration being one year.

The minimum characters that can be used in a .bot domain name are:

- A to Z, a to z; 0 to 9; _ (underscore); - (hyphen).

The maximum characters that can be used in a .bot domain name are:

- 63 characters.