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What is the .bradesco domain name?

The .bradesco domain name is a new top-level Internet domain (TLD) created and launched by the Brazilian bank Bradesco.

The TLD .bradesco was designed to provide clear and trustworthy Internet space for the bank and its clients, as well as for companies and individuals that intend to contact Bradesco online.

The .bradesco domain name is a virtual space in the web connected to Bradesco, and different from other domains in that it allows you to access all kinds of information about the bank.

In any part of the world - including Brazil - when people search for Bradesco in a browser they will find sites with information about the bank and its services, and not just an unrelated site.

The .bradesco domain name, therefore, offers a solution for people looking for information about Bradesco in search engines or social networks.

What are .bradesco domain name requirements?

To register a .BRADESCO you must be an entity legally constituted according to Brazilian laws. On your application, you must indicate the names of persons responsible for your activities, and their e-mails must be operational.

In addition, the company must present proof of its existence at the start of the domain name registration process. This will be done by means of a provided letter, which can be downloaded from this website.

This letter must be accompanied by a copy of the document that furnishes proof of existence issued by a competent authority.

In the case of an association or foundation, this will be from one of its responsible directors. In addition to being linked electronically, these documents must have been issued no more than 60 days before the domain name registration process.

What .bradesco domain name restrictions are there?

Only entities legally constituted according to Brazilian laws can register a .BRADESCO. You cannot register the following in your domain name: pornographic content, offensive material, or anything that violates rights.

You will also not be able to use Bradesco trademarks in your domain name without the bank's prior authorization.

Who can register a .bradesco domain name?

Just as Bradesco distinguishes between individuals and companies, the registration of the .bradesco TLD is also differentiated:

- anyone legally constituted according to Brazilian laws who wants to access web services associated with Bradesco; and

- companies and individuals that want to access web services associated with Bradesco (contact center, buying, merchant platforms, etc.).

For the second case, you must have a contract with Bradesco and present it at registration.

Why choose a .bradesco domain name?

The .bradesco domain name is a virtual space in the web that provides quick and easy access to Bradesco's various online services.

Bradesco wants to strengthen its presence on the Internet and offer more security and transparency when searching for information about it.

By using a .bradesco domain name your site aims to give information about Bradesco and its services, generating more traffic to your site.

A .bradesco domain name will allow you to be identified by your potential customers. The Internet is increasingly becoming the main source of information for consumers.

Creating a website with a Web address associated with Bradesco lets people immediately identify it as an entity legally constituted according to Brazilian laws, which provides secure and trustworthy services.