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There is no special process needed to register a .BROKER domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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Key-Systems, LLC 282 14.06%
101domain GRS Limited 151 7.53%
OVH sas 118 5.88%
1API GmbH 108 5.38%
Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Registrar.eu 95 4.74%
Porkbun LLC 87 4.34%
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. 84 4.19%
Name.com, Inc. 63 3.14%
Soluciones Corporativas IP, SL 61 3.04%
Gandi SAS 58 2.89%

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business.broker $2,500.00 2017-01-23 NamesCon
business.broker $3,000.00 2017-01-23 NamesCon

What is the .broker domain name?

.broker is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) whose purpose is to aid consumers in identifying the best brokerage firm for their needs.

Brokers are a very important part of the financial industry who help clients make investment decisions, help them select appropriate investments, and deal with trades on their behalf.

Who can register .broker?

There are many rules and regulations for the entity who wants to register as a .broker, first, they must apply and be vetted by ICANN.

Then your organization is eligible to begin the application process with a partnering domain name registrar.

Every applicant must have an active website related to the brokerage or financial services industry at the time of application.

Because of trademark issues?

Yes, the applicant organization must own the .broker domain name that you are applying for.

We also require that the trademark be registered in the applicant's local country, or be actively under application for registration by the applicant.

Possible .broker domains names will have to match your business name, logo, or slogan exactly.

You are not allowed to use generic terms such as "mortgage" or "loans" in domain name registrations. You can't use a TLD that is associated with another industry.

Who is eligible to use .BROKER?

Only financial services firms sell products and/or services to consumers. Also, financial services providers enable their clients to access and use the goods, products, or services of another provider.

You cannot apply for a .broker domain name if you intend to re-sell it to a third party, such as an online brokerage with which you don't have a direct relationship

The general rule for all new gTLDs is that anyone can register any name they want, as long as it's not already taken. The .broker registry, Rightside Registry, reserves the right to reject names that are deemed offensive or abusive.

What can I do with .BROKER domain name?

Anyone can buy and use .broker domain names. It's a great branding tool for brokerage companies or individuals who work in this industry.

You can also set up and sell your own brokerage website on the Internet (website with ".broker" domain). Use it to make more people aware of you and attract new potential customers.

Broker domain names are also available to everyone in the .broker extension. Having a .broker domain name means having an easy-to-use and memorable web address for your business or personal website.

What's unique about .broker?

The Internet's new .broker domain space is a natural fit for anyone in the financial services industry.

It's a place where consumers and financial services firms can meet, share ideas and communicate. Having a .broker domain name will boost your business standing online.

Many brokerage firms have chosen to register their business names in ".com" or ".net" domain names, so they might want to consider something more distinctive with the launch of new gTLDs.

.broker delivers a unique and memorable namespace that works well on the Internet.

Are .financial and .broker competing TLDs?

No. The .broker TLD is completely separate from the new proposed "financial" TLD.

Financial firms usually use .financial domain names, while brokerages use .broker domains.