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What is the .Brother domain name?

The .Brother domain name is an online identity that provides a direct connection to the worldwide network dedicated to the products and services of Brother.

This domain name was designed for retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, shippers, or anyone who needs to build a website with the ability to reach customers all over the world by using the globally recognized extension.

Who can apply for the .brother domain name?

.Brother is an open TLD, anyone who meets the following requirements can apply for a new Domain Name: -

1. The Registrant (domain-name holder) is an individual or organization with a presence in Japan.

2. Registrant Contact Information must match WHOIS data for the Domain Name

What is the registration length?

The minimum period of registration for a .brother domain name is one year. After the expiration date, all associated services shall be removed without the possibility to renew them.

What is the registration procedure?

The registration of .brother domain names requires three or four steps: -

1. Specify a name for the new Domain Name, which must consist of at least 3 characters and a maximum of 63 symbols. Numbers are allowed only in 2nd-level labels (under dot).

2. Select from the multiple lengths of the term from 1 to 10 years (or sign up for one year at a time).

3. Specify your Whois data: Company name and address, contact telephone number, and email address.

4. Confirm order and pay a registration fee in local currency or US dollars by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express).

What types of names are restricted on .brother?

Types of Names that are NOT allowed on Dot BROTHER Domains. -

- generic or descriptive names that need to be changed or clarified with some other name in order to distinguish the domain name from others containing a similar word/term/string of characters;

- offensive or potentially offensive names including words with negative connotations such as 'sucks';

- government and political party names;

- personal names;

- registered trademarks, service marks, or brand names (collectively 'trademarks');

- company trade names and product names;

- the word BROTHER in all languages and variations thereof as well as the word BROTHERS in all languages and variations thereof;

What is a Brand TLD?

Brand TLDs are designed to give businesses and organizations an easy-to-remember web address.

The domains will provide the same benefits as any other domain name, but with a more memorable hostname that accurately reflects your branding.

This is especially valuable for small to medium size companies that might not have had their own Internet presence previously.

It's also a good way to create a unified online identity for your company, offering users a consistent choice that will be recognized and remembered.

The benefits of having a Brand TLD are:

Simpler – Make it easier for customers and partners to find you online by communicating exactly who you are.

– Make it easier for customers and partners to find you online by communicating exactly who you are. Integrated

– Keep things simple and direct; your Brand TLDs will fit directly into your existing site structure, rather than having a separate set of Web addresses that need to be maintained.

Efficient – A Brand TLD has no intrinsic value to cybercriminals, so you can feel confident in using your own name as your domain without affecting your business's security posture.