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There is no special process needed to register a .BUY domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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What is the .buy domain name?

The .buy domain name is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) for the shopping cart, retailing and commercial websites.

All you need in order to register a .buy domain name is to prove that you operate a legal business within the field of selling goods or services on the Internet.

The .buy domain name is an excellent choice for people who sell products online.

The extension will help you to easily promote your business and spread the word about your goods or services among the potential consumers because it has a natural resemblance with words like \"shopping\", \" auction\", \" selling\" etc.

What are registrant requirements?

The .buy domain name is not open for everyone and registrant requirements will be set at the time of launch. Registrants considering applying for a .buy domain name must meet the following criteria:

Be willing to provide proof of registration or authorization within the field of selling goods or services on the Internet.

Part of registrant verification for this TLD will include submitting documentation that establishes you are actively using, or have the authorization to use, a trademark in the same industry segment as the one you are registering.

This requirement is indefinite and some type of trademark verification is required to prove that you actually sell goods or services by any of these methods.

The .buy domain name will require registrants to provide a validated SSL certificate, unless foreign registered.

Registrants must also agree to the additional terms and conditions found in this registry Agreement.

What is the purpose of the .buy domain name?

The .buy domain name was created to provide a dedicated namespace for e-commerce.

It will serve as a new top-level domain, which along with all currently existing gTLDs can be used by any individuals or companies who wish to gain a better digital identity and online recognition.

The .buy domain name will help you build trust among your customers, increase the number of visitors on your website and boost the volume of traffic which in turn will result in more conversions.

Namely, the .buy domain name will help you to increase traffic to your website, distinguish your business from others in your field, attract more consumers and reduce the number of mistakes in easy-to-remember web addresses.

Who can register the .buy domain name?

The .buy domain name will allow any individual or company to register, as long as they meet all of the criteria and terms and conditions.

The .buy domain name will be accessible only to those who intend on using it for legal transactions and not for illegal or malicious purposes.

What is the difference between the .buy domain name and other new gTLDs?

Unlike all other new gTLDs, the .buy domain name will only be available to registrants who are actively engaged in selling goods or services online.

It will help you promote your business, increase sales and explain what you sell.

The .buy domain name is also an excellent choice for use in conjunction with any other gTLD, such as .co.uk, .net or .org. This will enable you to get the best results and build your brand identity through a catchy and easy-to-memorize web address.