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There is no special process needed to register a .BZH domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities associated with Brittany or the Breton culture and languages

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$64.00 Annually

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.BZH Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
OVH sas 5,486 42.12%
Gandi SAS 2,107 16.18%
IONOS SE 452 3.47%
Nameshield SAS 400 3.07%
Key-Systems, LLC 223 1.71%
NordNet SA 91 0.70%
Lexsynergy Limited 72 0.55%
One.com A/S 71 0.55%
PlanetHoster Inc. 59 0.45%
Hosteur SARL 38 0.29%

What do you mean by the .bzh domain name?

The .bzh domain name, the first official top-level domain (TLD) of Brittany, is an opportunity to once again make Brittany visible. The .bzh domain name will provide the public authority with a tool for reappropriating its own language and culture.

The .bzh suffix can be used by anyone living or doing business in Brittany. It enables you to establish your online identity, to make your activities known, to express yourself in terms of territory or culture.

The .bzh suffix will provide you with a range of technical possibilities identical to those offered by other domain names ending in .com, .net, or country codes.

How to register?

The first step is the registration of second-level domain names ending in .bzh (like yourname.bzh). To do this, simply use your e-mail address, as you would register a .com domain name.

A second step is to provide subdomain names for third-level domains (like yoursite.yourprovince.bzh).

Finally, you can use the .bzh suffix in your e-mail addresses ([email protected]).

For businesses, the .bzh suffix can be used in order to get a direct link between a company identifier and an Internet address.

The use of domain names ending with .com, .net, or country codes is strongly encouraged by the authorities. The .bzh suffix will enable users to take advantage of a number of technical possibilities offered by the new domain name structure.

Why choose a .bzh domain name?

A choice of the .bzh suffix means strengthening Brittany’s awareness of cultural identity. The use of a .bzh suffix for your domain name will strengthen your ties with Brittany and promote the economic development of its regions.

The new .bzh top-level domain name will give public authorities, businesses, and Internet users the opportunity to reappropriate their language and culture.

The use of .bzh suffixes gives users the opportunity to take up this identity.

The communication tools offered by the new rules will strengthen communication between all forms of Brittany, especially with Breton speakers in other countries.

Using a .bzh suffix also means automatic connection to the Internet's home pages in French and Breton (and English, for international sites).

The .bzh domain name is perfect for establishing an online presence because it directly links your second-level domain name with the Brittany area. And because it's easy to communicate, both to computer specialists and to everyone else!

The .bzh suffix can be used as both an individual and a corporate identity. It offers the possibility of building a unique online presence for any activities based in Brittany, whatever they are: economic, cultural, tourist activities.

What is the common second-level .bzh domain name?

A domain name ending with .bzh could be anything you want it to be. It can correspond to your surname, or to the region where you live or work, or simply express your personality (like yourname.bzh).

The second-level domain name is not limited in length; its length is dependent on the set of rules currently in effect for the second-level domain name .fk.

What are some examples of second-level domain names?

It is the owner who decides exactly what he wants his second-level domain name to be.

A list of geographical, personal, or organizational names already registered under the new TLD (.bzh) is available from the registry's website.

In addition, domain name owners can register names in two other categories:

Registration of a .bzh domain is free for individuals. An annual fee is required to register a business domain name (.com, .net, or .bzh). The administrative cost for registering a corporate domain name will be very competitive.