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What is the .cancerresearch domain name?

The .cancerresearch domain name is a new open generic top-level domain (gTLD) to help accelerate cancer research by creating an online hub for qualified researchers, clinicians, and organizations.

The mission of the .cancerresearch gTLD string is to improve public access to resources about cancer and to allow oncology-related websites more flexibility in communicating important information about cancer to patients and other audiences.

The .cancerresearch gTLD will help accelerate global cancer research by making it easier for institutions across the entire field to register a unique web address that is not subject to institutional branding or other third-party limitations.

A .cancerresearch domain name may also be used as a platform to communicate, collaborate and interact with other major cancer research organizations.

The .cancerresearch domain name will offer an unrestricted gTLD that will be available exclusively to qualified researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals working in the field of cancer research.

Who can own a .cancerresearch domain name?

The .cancerresearch gTLD is unrestricted; anyone can register an .cancerresearch domain name.

ICANN-accredited cancer research organizations, individual researchers, and healthcare professionals will be able to register a .cancerresearch domain name.

Registration will be restricted to verified researchers, clinics, and health care facilities that currently or plan to conduct cancer research.

To qualify, organizations must provide a designation issued by an official agency of the institution responsible for this domain name.

Proof of institutional status is required prior to registration of a .cancerresearch gTLD string. Examples are listed below:

· Proof of being part of a cancer research organization or program

· Copy of a cancer research website

· A letter from the director or principal investigator verifying your status as a researcher, clinician, or health care professional involved in cancer research.

Individual researchers are also eligible to register a .cancerresearch domain name.

What about .cancerresearch domain names?

Individual researchers, clinics, and healthcare facilities with verified cancer research affiliations can apply to register a .cancerresearch domain name.

The .cancerresearch gTLD may also serve as a unique means for individuals and organizations interested in cancer research to reach healthcare professionals conducting such activity.

To facilitate the largest possible use of the .cancerresearch gTLD, registrants will have the ability to register their desired second-level domain name below a predetermined set of guidelines.

Who will manage the .cancerresearch gTLD?

The .cancerresearch gTLD will be managed and supported by Afilias Limited. The company will provide comprehensive registry services for the .cancerresearch domain name.

Afilias is a leading provider of Internet infrastructure services worldwide and currently manages over forty-five million domains through its registry services.

How does the .cancerresearch gTLD relate to existing Internet resources?

The .cancerresearch domain name will provide a new and accessible hub for cancer research information online.

By increasing the ease of accessibility to information about cancer, including clinical trials, treatment options, prevention strategies, news coverage, patient support groups, and other information, this domain name will be a valuable resource for patients and their caregivers as well as healthcare professionals.

The .cancerresearch domain name will also serve as a platform for content creators and publishers, such as institutions and organizations, to communicate important cancer research activity.