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What is a .case domain name?

.case is a new top-level domain name that helps you stand out from the crowd and show people exactly what your site is about.

It's short, memorable, and it fits almost every website – from law firms to forensics experts to individual hobbyists solving a case.

.case is a great new way to reach the people you want – and it's perfect for any industry or business.

How does .case work?

.case is an abbreviation that people will recognize and remember, just like .com and other top-level domains.

Your site and email and anything else you attach to a .case domain name will instantly become clear and easy for anyone looking for your business or organization to find.

A .case domain name is perfect for any website that solves a case. It's also great for websites in the law industry, forensics, or anything else that involves solving a mystery or problem.

.case domains are exactly what they sound like – cases that help you solve anything.

You can use your .case domain name for whatever it is that makes your website special because your name says exactly what you want to say.

What types of websites should register a .case domain name?

Law firms can show how they crack cases when you visit [yourname].case.

Forensics experts can take the spotlight when you visit [yourname].case.

Bloggers and hobbyists can add a human touch to their case by telling stories through their blog at [yourblog].case.

Registering a .case domain name is easy - you can start here!

.case is perfect for…

Attorneys & Law Firms – Whether you're a criminal defense attorney, personal injury attorney, or any other type of lawyer, .case makes your firm easy to find and remember.

Insurance Agencies – Protect your customers with insurance plans that fit their needs. Combine .case with your expertise to help them find you.

Forensics – Whether it's digital forensics, fingerprinting or other types of analysis, .case makes it easy for potential clients to find you and understand what you do.

Musicians & Artists – It's hard to stand out in the crowd! Make people connect with your music or art with a .case domain name.

Hobbyists – If you're passionate about something, .case makes it easy for people who share that passion to find you and connect.

Who should register a .case domain name?


.case is perfect for almost any website – from law firms to forensics experts to individual hobbyists solving a case. It's short, memorable, and it fits just about every kind of site you can imagine -- from personal blogs to news sites to corporate websites.

There are no limitations on who can register a .case domain name, and it's available for any purpose.

What can I do with a .case website?

Whatever you want! There are no limitations on how you choose to use your new .case domain name. Because of its versatility, it's also easy to connect all of your social media accounts with your .case site.

You can do just about anything you want with your new .case domain name because it's perfect for any website.

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