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What is the .cbs domain name?

It's the new gTLD (generic top-level domain) for businesses.

The .CBS domain extension is a great way to create a customized Internet address for your business. It's easy to remember and lets your customers know that you're a business-to-business, or B2B company.

If you are a B2B business or represent one, this is the perfect domain for your website.

With .cbs domains available now for registration, your business can immediately benefit from owning its own personalized web address. It's easy to find if it matches your company name, and you can use it internally so all employees and departments can share and discuss information privately within your organization.

Customers searching for B2B products and services will be able to find you online with ease, particularly if they know your industry or if they're looking for businesses just like yours.

Why you should choose .cbs?

.CBS is the online home for video news, entertainment, sports, movies, and more content on CBS.com. So if you're looking to promote your business in a way that makes it appear that you are affiliated with CBS or any of its subsidiaries, then this is the domain extension for you!

Registering .cbs can have many benefits, including the following:

A .CBS domain name matches your business name. It's easy to remember and lets your customers know that you're a B2B company.

It will allow you to create an exclusive address for your website that has originality and character to it without having to modify any of the other details on your website.

This protects your business from impersonation and cybersquatting, enabling you to keep the .CBS domain to yourself.

You can create a professional online environment for doing business with clients across the country or around the world without worrying about search results that don't match what potential customers are searching for. Network Solutions can help you register .CBS domain name on behalf of your business today!

What are some registration requirements?

First, you need to conduct a search and make sure that no one else has registered .CBS for their business.

You must also submit the following information:

B2B company name;

Business address;

Contact person;

Email address; and finally,

The type of industry your business falls under (please select from the drop-down menu).

To register for this domain name, you'll need to be the owner or licensee of one of the following: A trademark registered with any U.S. federal or state government entity; an active United States federal trade registration (US-trademark); a foreign equivalent that is sufficiently analogous to allow for its use in .cbs.

What is the common second-level .cbs domain name?

The .cbs domain name can also be registered as a second-level domain.

However, the "B2B" must remain in all capital letters. For example, www.cbscars.com is acceptable but www.cbsCars.com is not allowed, as it takes away from the "B2B" designation you are trying to achieve for your business brand name.

There is also a special registry that has been set up specifically for government entities at .gw (generic websites)

How long does the transaction take?

Once you've successfully registered for the .cbs domain name, you can rest assured that it's yours to keep until your business decides to close down.

You will be able to renew the same domain name without any hidden charges or fees up to 10 years after the registration date.