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What is the .cfa domain name?

The .cfa domain name is a new TLD (top-level domain) that is part of the new gTLD (generic TLD) program.

It is intended to be used by associations and organizations that offer financial advice and education for investors, as well as by companies that provide services or products related to these topics.

The .cfa domain name is part of the group of domains that will be under the control of a single registry, CFA Institute.

What are the main benefits of the .cfa domain name?

The .cfa domain name offers several important features:

- Availability: the .cfa TLD is open to any association and organization that offers financial education and advice to investors, as well as to companies providing related services or products. The eligibility criteria are very clear and strict.

- Simplicity: the new extension is easy to remember and will reduce misspellings.

- Credibility: the .cfa domain name is already recognized worldwide by investors, companies, financial associations, and organizations.

- Innovation: it endorses a fresh approach to internet naming in general, through a vastly simplified process that makes the registration of a new web address accessible to all.

- Safety: .cfa will help protect user security on the world wide web by making cybercrime more difficult.

Who can register a .cfa domain name?

The eligibility criteria are very clear and strict :

- Only associations, organizations representing investors (such as investment funds), or companies that provide financial advice, education, and/or other related services are eligible to register .cfa domain names.

- The organizations must have a legal personality. Membership is not sufficient to be entitled to register a .cfa domain name.

- Organizations applying for this new extension must have been active in the field of financial education, having provided educational or advisory services to investors, business professionals, or other individuals for at least three years before filing their applications with CFA Institute.

- Applications must demonstrate that the organization holds a legitimate interest in this domain name, as related to the promotion of knowledge and education about financial affairs for investors worldwide.

- The application must provide proof of unrestricted use of any trademark included with the application at the time of filing, proof that it is not infringing on another organization's trademark, and proof that the organization has exclusive rights to use the name in question.

- Only one registrar can offer the .cfa TLD in each country where this new extension is available.

What are the restrictions on the use of a .cfa domain name?

- A .cfa domain name must clearly refer to the association, organization, or company owning the web address.

- Organizations who hold a .cfa domain name can provide financial advice and education on that topic only. They cannot offer products or services related to investments without authorization from their local financial authority.

- Organizations or associations that offer stockbroking services are not eligible to register a .cfa domain name if they hold any specific regulatory license related to financial advice.