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What is the .chanel domain name?

The .chanel domain is used for the online identification of a company or personal brand's website or webpage.

As an added value to the high price of the Chanel brand, its image as exclusive and prestigious can be further reinforced with a custom email address ending in @chanel.com using the .chanel top-level domain name (TLD).

The .chanel domain can also be used to promote Chanel's other products, such as shoes, sunglasses, or handbags.

This is an economical way of distinguishing each product line on the web, while clearly indicating it is linked to the prestigious image of the brand.

Why choose a .chanel domain name?

Chanel is choosing to have its own TLD because it indicates a direct affiliation with the brand.

For example, when an individual creates a website that uses the .chanel suffix on their domain name, this makes it clear that they are associated with or authorized by Chanel.

Furthermore, each registration of a .chanel domain name is unique and exclusive to the holder, preventing unauthorized parties from using a .chanel domain.

A .chanel domain name is simply a way for Chanel to protect its reputation and image as well as associate itself with online businesses that maintain high standards of quality and service.

The addition of one or more words before "Chanel" will only grant access to the holder of the domain name, who will have sole authority over its use.

It is crucial that any web page using a .chanel suffix comply with Chanel's image and reputation for exclusivity, which is why only authorized partners are granted permission to register a .chanel domain.

What can you do with your .chanel domain name?

A .chanel domain name is used for many different purposes, including:

- Advertising a company's affiliation with the Chanel brand.

- Promoting other Chanel products, services, or articles.

- Having access to Chanel images or logos for use on the company's website.

Here are some examples of how a .chanel domain name can be used:

- A fashion blog hosted at "blog.chanel".

- A Chanel clothing business named "shop.chanel.com".

- An online store selling designer handbags at "handbag.chanel".

Who is eligible to obtain a .chanel domain name?

Every company, business, product, or service that is affiliated with Chanel will be eligible to obtain its own .chanel domain name.

Every new .chanel registration is reviewed by the Chanel legal department to ensure it complies with company policy for use of their brand on websites.

Chanel encourages its authorized parties to apply for a .chanel domain name to distinguish their brand from competitors.

Every .chanel suffix is unique and exclusive, which prevents unauthorized parties from registering a similar domain, allowing authorized partners to proudly represent themselves online with a "vanity" .chanel domain name.

What are the registration restrictions for a .chanel domain name?

The holder of a .chanel domain name must be the official representative for the particular product or service that is being promoted.

For example, if Company A has registered "products.chanel", this means it must be authorized to sell Chanel products and can only be used for this purpose by Company A.

A .chanel registration cannot be transferred to another party and cannot be used for any purpose other than the one described in the application.

Chanel is committed to complying with laws that protect them from unauthorized use of their brand name on websites. This includes, but is not limited to trademark infringement, counterfeiting, and dilution.