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What is the .channel domain name?

The .channel domain name is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) name dedicated to online audio and video content. It provides a dedicated namespace for playout, recording, dissemination, and consumption of audio and/or audio/video content.

As a new gTLD with established and dedicated usage, .channel provides brand owners the opportunity to register their name as a domain for Internet users.

The .channel domain is for:

• Audio and video content producers/providers (radio stations, television stations, news agencies);

• Content curators (podcasts, slideshows, audio/video playlists);

• Technology developers (podcasting platforms, radio automation software providers);

• Performing artists (musicians, singers, DJs); and other organizations who create audio/video content.

The .channel domain is expected to be particularly attractive to the following groups:

• Radio broadcasters;

• Recording studios;

• Independent content creators of radio and/or video content, including artists, DJs, musicians, performers of all sorts;

• Music labels;

• News agencies;

• Podcasters.

Where does the .channel domain name fit within the gTLD landscape?

The .channel domain name will be a complementary gTLD to the existing .com, as well as other popular destinations such as YouTube.

The aim of .channel is to provide a dedicated namespace for playout, recording, dissemination, and consumption of audio and/or audio/video content.

It should also allow for additional specialization according to format and/or geographical location and provide a dedicated online space for all types of audio and/or audio/video content.

Who can register a .channel domain name?

Any person, business, or organization can register .channel domain names that fit into the following three use cases:

1. Audio and video publishers such as radio stations, TV channels, newspapers, etc.

2. Content producers such as studios, production companies, etc.

3. Content consumers such as TV stations or any other organization that uses audio or video to reach its audience/customers, e.g., a medical institution, a school, etc.

4. Anyone who owns an audio or video channel on the Internet.

To prevent potential confusion with other existing TLDs, .channel domains will be allowed to be registered only by holders of trademarks used in the respective field (e.g., ParisRadio.channel will not be available to customers who don't hold a trademark called ParisRadio).

What is the common second-level .channel domain name?

The common second-level domain name is the part of the .channel domain following the dot (e.g., www.thestation.channel).

It provides the opportunity for organizations to pick a name that clearly identifies their products or services, as well as geographical locations that were relevant to customers.

Why choose a .channel domain name?

.channel domain names will provide a dedicated namespace for audio and/or audio/video content publishers, producers, and users.

They will also allow the usage of both generic and brand-specific terms as well as geographical location to better target specific audiences/customers.

Having a .channel domain will provide a web address that has a high degree of consumer recognition and memorability.

As a new generic top-level domain (gTLD), it provides brand owners the opportunity to register their names as domains for customers searching the Internet.

In addition, .channel domains have built-in accessibility worldwide due to a high level of international recognition.

All .channel domain name registrations will provide a co-branding opportunity with the following "keywords" on second-level/subdomain:

• radio,

• music,

• podcast,

• mp3,

• lyrics,

• dj.