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What is a .chintai domain name?

It's a highly relevant, targeted, and meaningful namespace for chintai users to define their own online real estate.

A new .chintai domain name can be used as an individual person or entity, a business/corporation, a community of interest, or any other legal entity able to hold property.

As an example, using this article as a reference, "chintai.news" could be used by the chintai community to host news/updates about the .chintai project. Once live on the internet, you can start seeing content being developed there! For more ideas on what your domain name could represent.

What is a .chintai domain name NOT?

The .chintai domain name should not be used for spamming, phishing sites/scams, malware distribution sites, or any other illegal activity. All legal regulations regarding the aforementioned activities still apply when using your own .chintai domain name.

For example, if you find a great deal of interest in your new .chintai domain name and you were to use it as the base for your email marketing campaign (spamming), then that would be illegal activity under all applicable laws/regulations.

The same applies to phishing sites or any other illegal activities mentioned above.

There is an extensive article on Wikipedia about domain name spammers and it's well worth reading.

Domain names are for anyone or anything to adopt, NOT just businesses or companies!

Why choose a .chintai domain name?

Domain names are a way of communicating specific ideas, thoughts, or information in a very short and concise manner.

In our case, the .chintai name will be highly relevant to chintai users looking to find the latest news/updates/events happening within the domain space. The .chintai namespace is ideal because it is a low-cost operation, available to any legal entity.

The .chintai domain name should be used for any unique or individual that wants to have a meaningful namespace on the internet. If you want to communicate something specific about your brand, product, service, idea, cause, etc., then a .chintai name should be your first thought.

A .chintai domain name can be used to host news/updates about chintai, the cryptocurrency space in general, or other industry-related information.

If you are already using chintai, then the .chintai namespace will be very familiar to you. The .chintai name is the perfect choice for you to use as your identifier on the internet!

The .chintai domain name can be used by anyone/anything for any legal purpose.

What are the registration restrictions for a .chintai domain name?

The character length of the .chintai namespace is between 3 and 63 characters long.

Only letters and numbers can be used as a first-level domain: "a", "b", "c" cannot be used. Second level domains may contain two or more of these combined to form one word: "ABC", "ac", etc.

The .chintai registry is currently restricted to the English language.

Companies that are already operating will be selected based on their intent, previous history of product/service offerings, and past usage which has been proven to be a good mark for others to look up and follow as examples.

There are currently no registration restrictions for .chintai domain names, only that the name must be a unique global identifier.

The .chintai namespace follows all applicable international laws and regulations regarding intellectual property, spamming, phishing sites/scams, malware distribution sites, etc.