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There is no special process needed to register a .CLEANING domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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.CLEANING Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
NameCheap, Inc. 1,197 20.75%
GoDaddy.com, LLC 736 12.76%
Google LLC 354 6.14%
Tucows Domains Inc. 168 2.91%
IONOS SE 103 1.79%
eNom, LLC 98 1.70%
Register.com, Inc. 93 1.61%
Network Solutions, LLC 90 1.56%
Mesh Digital Limited 78 1.35%
Name.com, Inc. 69 1.20%

What is a .cleaning domain name?

.cleaning is a new domain name extension. If you are into the cleaning business, then this domain name is for you! .cleaning is the only domain extension that will be focused on cleaning services and products.

With that, .cleaning domain names are open for registration. All you have to do is find one which could be relevant to your business and register it!

How exactly do you get this .cleaning domain name?

Well, the process is not that difficult. You will need to go through a registrar which offers .cleaning domains registration services.

If you decide to go with .cleaning domain names, here are some tips on how to implement them in your business:

1) Decide which TLD goes well with your brand or target audience - Find out if your brand or service would be influenced by the shorter TLD or not.

Maybe having .cleaning TLD would be relevant for your company, but only if you are in the industry of cleaning products. So if it is, then go ahead! If not, then don't waste time banging your head to upgrade to a different website

2) Promote domain name - You can write an article about how your brand is using this new and trendy domain name extension to market the brand and its products or services

3) Create a cleaner website - Having a .cleaning domain doesn't mean that you automatically get better rankings in Google just because you have a shorter and cooler URL than everyone else. So don't expect miracles. If anything, you should create a cleaner website with better content so customers will be drawn to it.

4) Limit keyword-stuffing - You don't need to jam your articles with .cleaning keywords just because you have a shorter domain name. People will understand what the site is about even without having 'cleaning' in every single line. Use this chance to create more meaningful content!

5) Promote social media presence - Since you are not restricted by the length of the URL, use each space given to promote your brand through social networks like Facebook and Twitter

With these tips, you should be ready for .cleaning domain names. Although there are many who are pessimistic about their decision or future of this extension, time will only tell if they are wrong or right!

Why would I buy a .cleaning domain name?

Owning a .cleaning domain gives you an edge over your competitors.

If you are the only person in the market who owns this kind of domain name, chances are that people will find it easier to remember and navigate to your site compared to other companies!

This is because the web address looks simpler and more relevant than others, plus it's easy for one to remember too!

What kinds of businesses need .cleaning domains?

If you own a business that offers cleaning or chemical solutions for other companies or individuals, then having a .cleaning domain would be helpful for you.

You may also use them as SEO tools and attract more customers by implementing them on your website.

But if you don't have any connections with these companies, then you can rent out your domain to companies who need a .cleaning domain name for their SEO and marketing campaigns.