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Domain Name Majestic TF Majestic CF Moz DA Moz PA Ahrefs DR Ahrefs UR SZ Score Age Google Index
westerncape.contractors 6 8 9 23 16 5 - - 6
hbi.contractors 0 0 - - - - - - -

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Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
GoDaddy.com, LLC 1,684 25.47%
NameCheap, Inc. 825 12.48%
Google LLC 293 4.43%
Tucows Domains Inc. 129 1.95%
PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot 115 1.74%
Mesh Digital Limited 112 1.69%
eNom, LLC 110 1.66%
Name.com, Inc. 91 1.38%
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. 86 1.30%
Porkbun LLC 79 1.19%


Domain Price Date Venue
coin.contractors $35.00 2021-12-20 Dynadot

.Contractors Domain Name

When you are working with someone, you sign a contract. In this contract, both parties agree on the same conditions, policies, etc. A contractor is a person who is responsible for leadership, planning, supervising, executing, inspecting, and finalizing any work or project.

This new top-level domain is dedicated to all the contractors out there. It purposefully works for the customers’ connection with your business. Customer support is gained through the .contractor domain name. It is a credible domain for those who own a business or are self-employed.

What Are The Goals Of The .Contractors Domain Name?

The primary purpose of the .contractors domain name is to ensure that the registered contractors will provide labor, services, and materials for work. It does not matter if you work as an individual or with any group or organization.

If your services are valid, then you will get promoted at the .contractors domain name. It is an open domain for everyone ready to work or find work.

Who Can Apply For The .Contractors Domain Name?

Anyone who works on a contract basis can apply for the .contractors domain name. This domain is a platform for contractors to offer their services online. Contractors from any profession such as consultants, builders, graphic designers, etc., can benefit from this domain.

Is The .Contractors Domain Authentic?

When any contractor is registering himself for this domain, his credentials are checked properly. Only the ones who provide authentically and verified documents and information about their work are registered.

The .contractors domain makes sure to use authentic sources to prevent any scams or unwanted situations in the future. In short, yes, it is authentic

How Much Does The .Contractors Domain Name Charge For Registration?

When you register yourself for the .contractors domain name, you must need to be ready for registration payment.

The registration fee for the .contractors domain can vary. It depends on which website you are going to register yourself on. Expiration occurs after 10 years of registration. The registration fee starts from $10.99 annually.

What Are The Renewal Charges For .Contractors Domain Name?

The renewal fee for the .contractors domain name starts from $36.99 annually. You must renew your .contractors domain name when it gets expires. However, you can renew your name anytime except the first 60 days of the trial.

Is There Any Transfer Option Available For The .Contractors Domain Name?

Yes, there is. Transfer your name anytime after registration. The transfer fee will cost you $36.99 per year. The customer support team will guide you during the transfer process.

What Are The Name Requirements For This Domain?

  • The name should be unique.
  • Use the English alphabet for the name from A-Z
  • The name can be 1-63 characters long.
  • Avoid special characters.
  • Use numbers (if needed) from 9-0.

What Are The Advantages Of Registration For The .Contractors Domain Name?

  • Everyone can register for the .contractors domain name for any purpose.
  • There are no restrictions for registration.
  • Showcase your services through this domain.
  • Expand your business through the .contractors domain name.
  • Make your name highlighted among the successful contractors.