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There is no special process needed to register a .CREDITCARD domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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$149.00 Annually

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.CREDITCARD Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
NameCheap, Inc. 219 10.71%
GoDaddy.com, LLC 197 9.64%
Porkbun LLC 164 8.02%
Sav.com, LLC 141 6.90%
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. 108 5.28%
eNom, LLC 53 2.59%
Google LLC 52 2.54%
Network Solutions, LLC 51 2.50%
Dynadot, LLC 49 2.40%
Name.com, Inc. 47 2.30%

.CREDITCARD Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
status.creditcard $16.00 2021-12-29 Sav.com
new.creditcard $31.00 2021-12-08 Sav.com
metapayment.creditcard $12.00 2021-12-07 Sav.com
coin.creditcard $155.00 2021-11-29 Dynadot
investment.creditcard $23.00 2021-11-19 Sav.com
bit.creditcard $155.00 2021-11-12 Dynadot
88.creditcard $20.00 2021-11-02 Sav.com
nfc.creditcard $21.00 2021-10-24 Sav.com
art.creditcard $7.00 2021-10-20 Sav.com
1.creditcard $120.00 2017-12-28 Sedo

.creditcard Domain Name

A .creditcard is a top-level domain name that is perfect for businesses in the credit card industry. This extension can be used by companies that offer credit card services, as well as banks and other financial institutions.

Who Can Use a .creditcard Domain Name?

Any company or individual that offers credit card services can use a .creditcard domain name. This extension can also be used by banks and other financial institutions like:

Credit card processing companies

Credit unions

Credit bureaus

Mortgage lenders

Loan agencies

Who Regulates .creditcard Domain Name?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the main regulatory body that regulates this extension. It regulates the rules and regulations for all domain names, along with controlling how they can be used.

Tips to Choose Ideal .creditcard Domain Name:

When choosing a .creditcard domain name, it is important to choose something that truly describes your business. There are many options available through this extension so finding one that best fits your business will be easy.

Consider using a name that reflects the intende dd function of your company. For example, if your business is a credit card processing company that offers services for larger corporations than you might want to use the phrase "CorporateCardProcessing" as part of your domain name.

This way, those who are searching for companies like yours will be able to find you easily by using these keywords in a search engine.

Why Choose a .creditcard Domain Name?

.creditcard is an excellent choice for credit card websites that are looking to stand out from the crowd. The new extension helps your website gain more visibility with these relevant searches. By using this top-level domain name instead of .com, your company will show up higher in search engine results for credit card related searches.

These high levels of visibility are easier than ever to achieve thanks to the millions of people buying and using their own credit cards every day. If you're looking to get more traffic to your site, this is the perfect extension to use.

What's the Difference Between .creditcard and .com?

The main difference between these two extensions is that .creditcard is specific to businesses in the credit card industry. This extension can be used by companies that offer credit card services, as well as banks and other financial institutions. In contrast, .com is a general top-level domain name that can be used by any business or individual.

Are There Any Restrictions When Registering .creditcard Domain Name?

There are no restrictions when registering a .creditcard domain name. However, businesses must still abide by the rules and regulations set forth by ICANN. This means that all domain names must be used for the sole purpose of operating a business, and must be in good standing.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .creditcard Domain Name?

In order to register a .creditcard domain name, you will need to provide valid documentation that proves your business is in good standing. This can include articles of incorporation, licensing information, or other legal documents that show your company is legitimate.

How Much Does a .creditcard Domain Name Cost?

The cost of registering a .creditcard domain name is $49.99 USD per year. This price is subject to change, so be sure to check the official ICANN website for the most up-to-date information.

When it comes to registering a top-level domain name, .creditcard is an excellent choice for businesses in the credit card industry. This new