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.cuisinella Domain Name

.cuisinella is a new top level domain promoted by SALM S.A., the owner of the .cuisinella brand; this is why you can buy directly from SALM S.A., without intermediaries.

Who Can Use a .cuisinella Domain Name?

Any company, restaurant or individual with commercial or personal activity on food and drinks can apply to own their web domain name

The domain is perfect for restaurants, cafes and other culinary businesses. It provides a unique and memorable web address for these businesses to use, making it easy for customers to find them online.

Who Regulates .cuisinella Domain Names?

SALM S.A, owner of the brand .Cuisinella, is the only entity that has the right to register a domain name on this extension. SALM S.A also runs and maintains all activities related to the regulation of .cuisinella on an administrative, commercial, organizational and operational level.

Tips To Choosing Ideal .cuisinella Domain Name:

Create a keyword rich domain name that includes the word "Cuisinella". Make sure your domain is easily remembered by users so they can find you more easily online. Ensure your web address is available where people would expect to find it, such as on your restaurant's website.

Why Choose A .cuisinella Domain Name?

Choosing a .cuisinella domain name helps you give your business an identity that lasts. With a shorter, more memorable web address, it is easy for people to remember and locate your brand online. In the long run, this could help increase traffic to your website, and improve your online presence.

What is the Difference Between .cuisinella and .com?

The .cuisinella domain name is a specific extension for culinary businesses, restaurants, cafes etc. It provides a unique web address that is relevant to your business activity. The .com domain name is a more general extension that can be used by any type of business.

Are There Any Restrictions When Registering .cuisinella Domain Name?

Yes, there are some restrictions when registering a .cuisinella domain name: the name must include the word "Cuisinella" and it must be related to food and drinks, gastronomy or culinary activities.

Is .cuisinella Community-Based Domain Name?

No, the .cuisinella domain name is not community-based domain name because there are no restrictions set on who can register a web address with this extension. Anyone with commercial activity in food and drinks can apply to own the domain.

What Documents Do You Need to Register .cuisinella Domain Name?

In order to register a .cuisinella domain name, you will need to provide some documentation such as proof of identity and contact information. SALM S.A also requires that you agree to the terms and conditions set by the company in order to register the domain. This helps protect the .cuisinella brand and ensure that only legitimate businesses use this extension.

How Much Does .cuisinella Domain Name Cost?

The cost of registering a .cuisinella domain name is 149 euros per year. This price includes all administrative and technical costs associated with running and maintaining the domain name. There are no other hidden fees or charges. If you wish to register for more than one year, you can get up to a 50% discount.