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.CX represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Christmas Island. This ccTLD was introduced in 1997 and was intended for entities associated with Christmas Island. Christmas Island Internet Administration is the authorized institution for carrying out .CX registry. On the other hand, Marcaria.com is one of the registrars for processing .CX domain applications.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .CX domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Christmas Island

.CX Registry Information

Registration Service


Whois Server


Registration Date


Registration Price

$23.00 Annually

Registered Domains


Whois Privacy


.CX Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
West263 International Limited 1,459 10.34%
Gandi SAS 220 1.56%
Variomedia AG 132 0.94%
MarkMonitor Inc. 91 0.65%
OVH sas 86 0.61%
Name.com, Inc. 79 0.56%
united-domains AG 63 0.45%
101domain GRS Limited 50 0.35%
Register SPA 4 0.03%
Ports Group AB 3 0.02%

.CX Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
gambling.cx $400.00 2019-12-05 Sedo
betting.cx $460.00 2019-12-05 Sedo
site.cx $116.00 2019-03-14 Flippa
fun.cx $5,200.00 2017-12-10 Sedo
cannabis.cx $180.00 2017-03-18 Flippa
g.cx $8,376.00 2017-02-14 Sedo
p.cx $4,400.00 2016-11-12 Sedo

.cx domain name

A .cx is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Christmas Island.

Who can use a .cx domain name?

Any person or business located on the island, as well as those with ties to it, can register and use a .cx web address. This includes individuals, businesses and other entities.

Who regulates .cx domain name?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) delegates this role to CIIA (Christmas Island Internet Administration). This governmental entity is responsible for managing and protecting the .cx domain.

Tips to choose ideal .cx Domain Name:

While you can register any name that’s not already in use, it should be relevant to your business or personal interests. The best way is to check the availability of the desired name on whois. If it's available, go ahead and register! Don't forget that you can always rent or buy a domain if your preferred choice isn't available. You should also pick an easy-to-pronounce name that's relevant to your interests.

Common subdomains for .cx domain

Some common examples of popular third-level domains include:

·.net.cx - This is the primary domain for network information, including computer networks.

·.com.cx - This is a common third-level domain that's used by individuals and companies who want to make their websites available in Christmas Island.

·.org.cx - This is a popular third-level domain that's used by non-profit organizations.

·.edu.cx - This domain is ideal for educational institutions, including universities and high schools

Can you register .cx Domain Without Local Presence?

Yes! Anyone can purchase a .cx domain name regardless of their location. However, the contact information provided during registration must match that listed on whois records. People are generally discouraged from using free email services that don't allow for verification.

Since Christmas Island has its own Internet administration, it follows the same rules as all other top-level domains in terms of registration requirements. You'll need to have the appropriate documentation and authorization from your local government.

What documents do you need to register .cx Domain Name?

Registration of .cx domain names requires that the registrant provide proof of identity, contact information and other basic registration information. You will need the following documents to complete the process:

A copy of your passport or birth certificate. This should be a certified document that states your full name, date and place of birth, citizenship details including country code and any other personal information required for .cx domain registration.

If you are using an official ID issued by another country (a foreign driver's license), you must also provide a copy of your current residence permit or visa.

A letter from the immigration department confirming that you are listed in their records and residing on Christmas Island at the time of .cx domain registration. This should be an original document, so photocopies won't suffice even if they're certified copies. You can get this through a fax or a scanned version sent via email.

A valid passport, certificate of incorporation or another form of identification that proves your connection to the island.

How much does .cx Domain Name cost?

The price of a single domain is $85 per year, plus ICANN's new gTLD application fee. There are also registration fees if the desired name isn't available on whois records. However, you can get discounts for bulk purchases. Discounts may also be available for non-profit organizations.