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.CY refers to the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Cyprus. It was introduced in 1994 and was intended for entities that have affiliations with Cyprus. The University of Cyprus is the authorized body for carrying out its registry. Registration is restricted to legal residents and companies operating in the Cyprian territory.

Aside from being used as Cyprus’ two-letter country code, CY is also used to abbreviate other popular words. CY also stands for: city or country (abbreviation), calendar year (date & time), cyberspace (internet), current yield (business) and contract year (government).

Registration Requirements

In order to register a .CY domain name, the owner must provide the ID Number, and date of birth (for individual) or the company number (for organization).
The registration delay can vary according to paperwork processing.
The registry may request documentation during the registration process.

Registration of a .CY domain name works on a first come, first served basis.

You can also register one of the .CY second level extensions: .AC.CY, .NAME.CY, PRESS.CY, PRO.CY, NET.CY, BIZ.CY, LTD.CY, ORG.CY, TM.CY.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Cyprus

.CY Registry Information

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Registration Price

$125.00 Annually

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.cy domain name

A .cy domain name is a web address that represents the country of Cyprus. This TLD can be used by anyone worldwide to create an online presence for their business or personal affairs in the Cypriot market.

Who can use a .cy domain name?

Any business or individual with an interest in Cyprus and its market will benefit from buying the .cy TLD. The flexibility of this top-level domain enables you to truly represent your company online by including all relevant details like location, services offered, etc., without having to choose between a .com and a country-specific TLD.

Who regulates .cy domain name?

The registry of the top-level domain is managed by NIC (Nic Registry) Ltd., an organization that also manages other popular ccTLDs like .ac, .gr, etc. In Cyprus, however, all ICANN rules still apply.

Tips to choose ideal .cy Domain Name:

As this domain is for Cypriot use only, it's important that you accurately represent your company in the market by choosing a TLD that clearly communicates what your website offers and where they can find you online. This will also ensure an easier process of getting listed with search engines.

Common subdomains for .cy domain

The most common subdomains for .cy domains are:

·.com.cy - Commercial organizations and companies whose primary activity is not related to the Internet, but who want a presence on cyberspace nevertheless.

·.org.cy - Non-governmental organizations that don't have profit as their main goal or private persons engaged in non-profit activities of national interest.

·.edu.cy - Educational institutions, universities, colleges and other educational programs that do not have profit as their main goal or private persons engaged in educational activities of national interest.

·.gov.cy - Governmental organizations whose public service is not limited to a local area but has nationwide impact on the country's economy and society at large.

Can you register .cy Domain Without Local Presence?

Yes, an individual or company can buy a .ly domain name without being physically located in Cyprus. However, the registrant's address must be included on file with NIC (Nic Registry) Ltd., along with proof of ownership of that particular domain. A copy of the registration document, a notarized statement or an affidavit can be provided as proof.

What documents do you need to register .cy Domain Name?

The following documentation must be submitted when applying for the registration of a .cy domain:

·Company name - with company stamp and signature or via certified letter from its legal representative

·Certificate of incorporation of the company

·Address of the registration office - must be provided by an honorary consul or embassy of Cyprus in your country

·Power of attorney signed by a legal representative, with signature certified either notarized or via e-mail.

How much does .cy Domain Name cost?

The fee for registering a .cy domain name for one year is €30.00 including VAT or $37.60 (USD). However, this fee does not include the yearly renewal and can be subject to change. The fee may also vary depending on the chosen domain name extension and other specific requirements.