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What is the .deal domain name?

.deal is a new generic top-level domain(gTLD) from the same family as .com, .net and .org. This means that all existing rules and regulations for those domains will apply to .deal as well.

The main purpose of introducing this somewhat unknown string into the TLD world is to serve commercial purposes for the owners of the sites.

People who own businesses on the Internet have an option to purchase a .deal domain name for their company website, thus keeping their customers informed about the latest offers and featured products.

What is the best way to describe .deal in one sentence?

The global top level domain name for companies involved in any form of business.

What are .deals main features?

The .deal domain extension offers business owners the chance to provide extra information besides their company name, address and contact details.

From now on any company can register a .deal domain name in order to create an online presence for their business, brand or product.

This way they are able to promote their offerings through various channels such as search engine results, social media networks and emails informing potential customers about exclusive deals and new products.

This gTLD has no defined connection with any specific country, which means that every person, company or organization can register for this TLD. No restrictions are in place.

What does .deal not include?

.deals is a top level domain name which makes it possible for companies of any size to promote their products and services on the Internet by creating a new website.

This string excludes any non-profit organizations, private individuals, and government institutions from registering such domains for their personal use.

The usage policy and price of .deal depend upon various factors like: country-code (ccTLD), registry handling registrations, and age of the registration domains.

What are the requirements to register a .deal domain name?

In order to register a .deal domain name, one should be associated with the particular business in some way.

This usually includes the presence of an active website for the business, company, or brand name registered in that person's ownership and living contact details matching the desired domain name.

There are no special requirements for registering a .deal domain. Just go by the regular rules that apply to all other TLDs available today on the market.

Why do you need to register a .deal domain name?

If you are running an online business, .deal is the perfect TLD for your company website.

It can be used to inform visitors about your newest products, promotional campaigns, and various services related to the field of activity of your business.

Who can register .Deal?

Any individual or organization that has something to do with business at any level may legally apply for obtaining a .deal gTLD.

There are no restrictions for this TLD, so each person who is running a business can register a .deal domain name. Also, it is allowed to have more than one .deal domain.

Apart from that, it is also possible to use the same domain name you already possess on another extension just by changing its top-level domain part.

The prices for registering a .deal gTLD may vary depending upon various factors like: registry handling registrations and age of the registered domains. If you want to know more about those factors please contact your preferred registrar.