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Dynadot, LLC 338 5.22%
eNom, LLC 263 4.06%
PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com 152 2.35%
Porkbun LLC 123 1.90%
Name.com, Inc. 84 1.30%
Tucows Domains Inc. 51 0.79%
Key-Systems, LLC 41 0.63%
101domain GRS Limited 21 0.32%
OVH sas 21 0.32%
united-domains AG 20 0.31%

What is the .desi domain name?

The new .desi generic top-level domain (gTLD) has gone live on the Internet. It is open for all desis across the world regardless of where they are located or whether they have a website or not.

So why choose .desi?

Because it is the one word that accurately describes our unique bond with India.

Being desis outside of India, or even inside India for that matter, makes us special people who have a culture, language, and identity all of our own. We are proud to be Indian but at the same time, we want recognition for being more than just another brown guy/girl living in America or Europe.

This domain name best represents us because it separates us from other Indians while at the same time making us feel welcome and accepted back home - no questions asked!

Who can use the .desi domain name?

This domain is not just for the desis living overseas…

The .desi domain is also intended to serve as an educational medium to positively promote India and showcase its beauty, culture, tradition, and diversity. The domain will create a virtual network for all of us around the world so that we can promote our values of helping, participating, educating, and celebrating life with one another.

These are some excellent examples that support this fact:

a) Ice cream man in Bombay runs his business at night because he wants to avoid working during the hottest hours of the day when customers are too busy and sweaty to buy ice cream.

Americans work at their peak performance times "Americans work harder than most Europeans", they say! Although it is hot, they try to avoid hard work during the hottest time of day because it is too taxing.

Indians avoid hard work at peak times for a different reason - because it would be draining and uncomfortable! The Indian culture makes us more concerned about the well-being of others than ourselves.

The heat does not mean that we won't get anything done but we don't want our customers or workers to suffer so we can provide something better for them when they need it most.

b) In the village in India, if somebody has a party in their house, people will come and celebrate with them even though there may be no connection among the attendees other than all being desis!

This common bond unites people who otherwise would have nothing in common. In the US, you have to go through a whole process just to be able to meet other people - finding out where they work or live, whether there is a mutual interest, and then arranging for a meeting.

If it were not for our common bond of being desis, many of us would never get a chance at all to connect with others who share the same interests!

c) Indians tend to stop and tell their stories in great detail. This is because we know that every detail matters because even if something seems irrelevant at first, it might actually turn out to be significant later on!