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There is no special process needed to register a .DISCOUNT domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

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$31.00 Annually

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.DISCOUNT Top Registrars

Registrar name Registered domains Share, %
GoDaddy.com, LLC 462 7.63%
NameCheap, Inc. 384 6.34%
united-domains AG 367 6.06%
PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot 207 3.42%
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. 178 2.94%
IONOS SE 176 2.91%
Gandi SAS 135 2.23%
Google LLC 119 1.97%
Nom-iq Ltd. dba COM LAUDE 97 1.60%
Tucows Domains Inc. 93 1.54%

.DISCOUNT Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
flying.discount $1.00 2021-12-28 Sav.com
beat.discount $2.00 2021-12-24 Sav.com
ntfs.discount $1.00 2021-12-13 Sav.com

What is a .discount domain name?

A .discount domain name is a type of domain that is marketed to customers who are looking for lower prices.

The .discount domain extension will give your site an affordable, consumer-friendly vibe, ideal for attracting budget-conscious customers!

A .discount domain name can be used by any business or individual engaged in retail, wholesale, or any other industry focused on a particular discount price.

When searching for a new domain name, consider the .discount extension to help you stand out from the competition.

A .discount domain name is perfect for businesses that want to communicate value and affordability to their customers.

What's the difference between a .discount domain and a regular domain?

A regular domain is simply a website that ends in .com, .net, or another extension. A .discount domain name is specifically targeted to attract budget-conscious buyers looking to grab a bargain.

A regular domain is any domain that doesn't use the .discount extension. For example, a regular domain might be example.com, while a .discount domain would be something like discount.com.

The main difference between a regular domain and a .discount domain is that a .discount domain emphasizes the fact that your site offers discounts on products or services.

This can be a great way to attract budget-conscious buyers who are looking for a good deal!

This can be an attractive selling point for customers who are looking to save money!

The big difference is that a .discount domain name sends a clear message to customers that your site is focused on offering lower prices than your competitors.

Both are top-level domains. The primary difference between the two is that a .discount domain name is targeted to consumers looking for lower prices, while regular domains are not necessarily focused on price at all.

What can I do with a .discount?

This domain extension has many possible applications! It could be used by any type of business or individual who provides goods or services related to discounts or coupons.

For example, manufacturers could use it to advertise sales and special offers, hotels could use it to market last-minute deals, retailers could use it to promote bargain-priced products, etc.

You should also see requests from other people interested in buying your website if you operate an online store or service at a discounted rate compared to the competition.

One thing to keep in mind is that you are not limited to just a .discount domain name. You could also use a regular domain name (such as example.com) and use a subdomain like discount.example.com to market your discounted products or services.

Is a .discount domain name right for me?

If you're looking to give your site an affordable, consumer-friendly vibe, a .discount domain name is a perfect choice!

It's also ideal for businesses or individuals engaged in retail, wholesale, or any other industry focused on a particular discount price.

Are there any restrictions on using a .discount domain name?

There are no restrictions on using a .discount domain name. In fact, it can be used by any business or individual engaged in retail, wholesale, or any other industry focused on a particular discount price.