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.DJ represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Djibouti. This ccTLD was launched in 1996 and was intended for entities with connection to the country of Djibouti. dotDJ is the authorized agency for carrying out its registry while Marcaria.com is the accredited registrar where applications for .DJ domains are processed. The ccTLD is commonly marketed for websites related to music because of its popular meaning which is disc jockey.

DJ also stands for: disc jockey, Don Juan, Dear John, digital journalist, dinner jacket, dirt jumping, digital jockey, digital jukebox, dow jones, drill jig, declaratory judgment, and many more.

Registration Requirements

In order to complete the registration of a .DJ domain name, the owner must fill in an application form online and sent it back to us.
For such reason, the registration delay can vary according to paperwork processing.

Registration of a .DJ domain name works on a first come, first served basis.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Djibouti

.DJ Registry Information

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Registration Price

$89.00 Annually

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.dj domain name

A .dj domain name is a domain name that is used in the country of Djibouti. It represents a person, business, or organization.

Who can use a .dj domain name?

Anyone who is from Djibouti and wants to represent themselves as being from this country can use a .dj domain name. Businesses that operate within the borders of Djibouti also have the option to purchase a .dj Domain Name. For individual users, there are no restrictions to the domain name that they can choose. This is especially good news for those who have a person's first or last name that can be difficult to find.

Who regulates .dj domain name?

IANA delegates control of .dj domain names to the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (Djibouti Telecom). This governmental department is responsible for maintaining and regulating .dj domain names. Other related departments like the Directorate of Postal Activity and the Technology Applications Department also assist in making decisions related to .dj domain names.

Tips to choose ideal .dj Domain Name:

Be sure that the name is easy for people from Djibouti and those familiar with its culture or language, as well as visitors from abroad, can easily remember it. Try not to use special characters in a .dj domain name because they might not be compatible across various platforms.

When choosing a name that you want to represent yourself with, it’s important to pick something short and snappy so the user can easily remember what your website is about.

Can you register .dj Domain Without Local Presence?

Yes, it can be purchased online using a credit card. However, if there is no local presence in Djibouti then the registrant must supply certain documents to show that they have proper authorization from someone who has registered with IANA or the local telecoms.

How safe is a .dj domain name?

A .dj domain name may not be as popular as other extensions like .com or .net but it is still considered safe to purchase. If you are looking to use it for personal use then there is no need to verify your identity. If you are purchasing a .dj domain name that will be used for business purposes, make sure the owner of the website has some form of local presence in Djibouti and provide proper documentation if needed.

What documents do you need to register .dj Domain Name?

If there is no presence in Djibouti then the following must be provided:

·A copy of an ID card, a passport or birth certificate

·Proof that your company has been registered with the Commerce Registry for at least one year (e.g. extract of commercial register)

·A copy of your company’s tax registration certificate (e.g., extract from the commercial registry or equivalent document indicating that you are registered as a taxable person).

How much does .dj Domain Name cost?

The annual fee for owning this domain name is US$36 plus VAT. The chargers may however vary depending on the registrar, the type of domain name, and its location. You can search through a list of the most competitive registrars here.