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.DO represents the official domain extension or internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Dominican Republic. Anyone can register a .do domain website provided that requirements are met. This domain extension was established for entities that have a connection with Dominican Republic. Its registry and operation is managed by Dominican Republic NetWorks Information Center.

Aside from Dominican Republic, DO also stands for other abbreviations. In medicine, it refers to doctor of osteopathy. DO is also the initials for district office (government), data only (computing), digital order (software), or diploma in ophthalmology.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .DO domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Dominican Republic

.DO Registry Information

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Registration Price

$74.00 Annually

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.DO Domain Sales

Domain Price Date Venue
bc.do $681.00 2020-07-13 Sedo
app.do $3,000.00 2018-07-10 Sedo
business.do $2,500.00 2017-09-26 Sedo
buy.do $1,900.00 2017-06-03 Sedo
pay.do $750.00 2016-09-26 Flippa

Who can own a .do domain name?

The following list of entities can own a .do domain name:

  • Companies
  • Individuals who are citizens of Dominican republic
  • Residents of the Dominican Republic
  • Entities that are legally registered in the Dominican Republic (e.g., LLC, SRLs)

The individual must demonstrate that he/she is a legal resident of the country for at least six months, as well as provide proof of their citizenship (e.g., copy of driver's license).

Furthermore, they must be older than 18 years old, as minors cannot own domain names.

What is .do domain name?

.do is the domain name for Dominican Republic people who are interested in buying a new website address that may be more locally relatable than .com or other common extensions but still useful to businesses globally.

How can I register a .do Domain name?

To fully own a .do domain name, follow the steps below.

  • Search the domain names available based on your preferences
  • Choose a licensed domain registrar to register
  • Purchase your domain name and proceed to host it

You'll get help from the customer support service of your preferred domain registry in case you have an issue.

Why should I own a .do domain name?

Domain names are your online identity. They tell people who you are and what you do or sell, almost like a business card for businesses to promote their services/products or share information about themselves.

When choosing a domain name, it's essential to pick one that is relevant to the kind of work you do, avoids common misspellings (if possible), and makes sense when read out loud.

There are many reasons for owning a .do domain name, but here are the top three that stand out.

Firstly, having a .do domain name will give your website credibility in Dominican Republic's eyes. Domains with this extension show you're serious about making an impact on their industry or market.

Secondly, owning a .do gives you access to the entire Spanish-speaking world who might be searching for products and services relevant to the Dominican Republic, specifically online -- which is one of our biggest markets today.

Thirdly, using words like "Do" also implies action - so customers know they should take some initiative when interacting with your site. This can help increase conversions significantly over time.

Which registry controls.do domain names?

.do domain names are controlled by the NIC-DO IT Company, which is a registry in the Dominican Republic.

The.do ccTLD is managed through an open market system that allows anyone who wishes to register one of these extensions to do so with ease if they meet specific criteria such as having an address within this country's borders.

They can create or delete any given domain name, as well as control who owns them and how they are distributed across a network of connected computers.

Finally, having a .do domain name is an easy way to show customers you're authentic and trustworthy - which are two traits every successful business should aim for.