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.EC represents the official domain extension or internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Ecuador. The intended use of this domain suffix is for entities with connection to Ecuador. However, registration is unrestricted and any person or any business entity is free to use a website ending with .EC.

EC also stands for many other things such as European Community or European Council. It is also used as a shortened spelling for economy or initials for extra credit, electronic cash, engineering center, etc. However, most people instantly think of EC as the official two-letter acronym for the country Ecuador.

Registration Requirements

There is no special process needed to register a .EC domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

Intended Use

Entities connected with Ecuador

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$68.00 Annually

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101domain GRS Limited 1 0.00%

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videoslots.ec $7,500.00 2019-02-27 Sedo

Who can own a .ec domain name?

The following entities can own a .ec domain name:

  • The Ecuadorian State, its institutions, and enterprises.
  • Individuals who are residing in Ecuador for at least one year.
  • Any natural or legal person who meets the requirements established by the Registry Operator in its regulation regarding the use of non-Latin alphabet letters included in their domain names.

What is a .ec domain name?

Ecuadoran (.ec) is a Top-Level Domain (TLD). TLDs are used to designate a specific website, and if chosen correctly, they can help your website become more recognizable.

Ecuador is a country found in the Northwest of South America, having a lot to offer to its inhabitants and visitors alike.

Many things can be mentioned, but one of the most emblematic aspects about Ecuador is that it has become an exporter of network services.

Ecuador has exported one such service, .ec, a domain name suffix mainly used by individuals, companies, and organizations from that country.

Ecuador has been so successful in exporting .ec that it is now the fifth most widely-used top-level domain name, only behind the more traditional suffixes such as com, net, org, and info.

In addition to being exported abroad, .ec is also actively used by local individuals, companies, and organizations. For example, banks in Ecuador use .ec for their websites to establish a clear identification with the country where they are located.

What are the benefits of having a .ec domain name?

By registering your own.EC (domain) you can ensure people visiting your website will be directed to your website and not someone else's.

When you register a . EC domain, your website's address will contain the letters "ec.," representing Ecuador.

Not only are these three letters easy to remember, but they also hold a high value on Google and other search engines.

This can be an incredible asset for increasing traffic to your site because having a domain with a high search engine ranking is key.

Sometimes a company might have the same or very similar name to yours. For example, say there is a sports team called "The Tigers." You want to make sure when people search for "The Tigers," they go to your website instead of the sports team's website. By having a.EC domain, you'll be certain that visitors will always come to you and not someone else.

Some people may want an address that is easy to remember and contains the letters ".com," which happen to be shorter than.EC names and costs less. By having a.EC domain, you can get this for a fraction of the price.

Which registry controls a .ec domain name?

NIC.EC is the legal entity responsible for the administration and management of the.EC ccTLD (country-code Top-Level-Domain) on behalf of the Government of Ecuador.

This means that it is NIC.EC who registers new .ec domain names with the owner in whois records, not each specific domain registrar.)

NIC.EC is in charge of operating the .ec ccTLD on behalf of the Ecuadorian State, promoting its use and overseeing all technical coordination for its registry system.

It also provides consulting services to public institutions, entrepreneurs, private individuals, and all Internet users concerning using the .ec domain names.

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